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NSITE 2k17

Most awaited Mega Techno Fest NSITE is scheduled on 20th & 21st January 2017. The feast awaits all its well-wishers when it comes with loads of ways to explore knowledge, together with fun and entertainment. JCET hosts ‘Science Talent Search’, which is an ongoing hunt in pursuit of young talents from schools, and NCERC hosts the ‘Project Combat’ for engineering students. In addition to these major events, “Boom to Bloom”, a Digital Painting & Web Design competition will be hosted by JCET along with “The Director’s Cut”, a short film contest, for HSS students. NCERC hosts ‘The Best Engineer’ contest which will surely reset the benchmark of professional standards. Special events are planned by various departments in both colleges to gift rejuvenating moments to our eyes and also to open a completely new world of energy and inspiration through innovation.

Being named Nehru Science Innovation & Technology Expo (NSITE), with a motto to fire up innovative ideas in the minds of engineering scholars and providing a good platform to expose and hence improve their skills, the fest has been successful in its venture ever since 2011. Tech Expo gives a visual magnificence to NSITE, where giants in public and private sectors put up their best through stalls along with the upcoming engineering talents from NGI. Indian Railway, KSEB, KSRTC etc. adds beauty to expo year after year.


A platform for budding school students to exhibit their creative ideas and projects and win exciting prizes and scoloarships

The winners of each category will be awarded attractive cash prizes of Rs.10000/- ,Rs.5000/- and Rs.3000/- for First, Second and Third positions respectively
  • No registration fee.
  • Maximum number of students allowable in a group will be three.
  • Students must be present in college on both days with their exhibits.
  • The projects submitted must be original and recent works. The project must be certified by college authorities.
  • Judges will be eminent personalities from Academic / Industrial fields.
  • Decision of panel of judges will be final.
  • Participant must carry Id-Cards/ authorization letter from head of the institution.
  • Certificate will be given to all participants.
  • Each group will be given five minutes to present their project; 3 minutes for interaction with judges; and an additional 2 minutes time in special cases as per decision of judges. In any case only 10 minutes will be allowed in total for a group.
  • Project reports are compulsory.
  • In case of research type projects, students may bring a maximum of 5 charts for a project or 10 slides in the case of power point presentation.
  • The electrical supply will be provided. Any special requirement should be conveyed to the Convener in due time and fulfillment will solely depend on Convener.

Digital Painting & Web Design competition hosted by JCET

Gadgets worth Rs.5000/- for each contest.
Digital Painting
OS – Ubuntu 14.04
Software – GIMP
Theme will be given on spot
Duration : 1 Hour
Web design
OS – Ubuntu 14.04
Language – HTML , CSS
Theme will be given on spot
Duration : 1 Hour

Director’s Cut
This is a Short Film competition and hence only short films ( only short digital animations on the topic ) should be submitted and no documentaries are allowed. REGISTRATION ON THE SPOT

The winners will be awarded Gadget worth Rs.10000/-


Project Category 1 ( FOR APJAKTU STUDENTS )
The idea of this competition is to bring out the innovative practical ideas in Sustainable Engineering by developing a feasible and practical solution of the major issues faced by the world.

Working models related to the topics will be awarded cash prize worth Rs.15000/- & Rs.7500/- for 1st and 2nd prize winner respectively. Still models related to the topics will be awarded cash prize worth Rs.5000/- & Rs.2500/- for 1st and 2nd prize winner respectively.

Rules & Regulations
This competition is for First and Second year KTU students. The project can be a working model or a still model related to the topics given below:

Waste disposal
Energy conservation
Renewable energy utilization
Architectural aspects

Online registration is available. No fee for registration.
No restriction over the team from each college.
Maximum number of members in each team is 5.
All participants must be present during the project evaluation.
VENUE : NCERC , Thiruvilwamala, Thrissur, Kerala

Project Category 2
The winners of each category will be awarded attractive cash prizes of Rs.15000/- and Rs.7500/- for First and Second positions respectively

Rules & Regulations
  • Aeronautical/Automobile/AME/Mechanical/Mechatronics*
  • Architecture/Civil
  • Computer Science/Information Technology/MCA
  • Electronics & Communication/Mechatronics*
  • Electrical & Electronics
*Mechatronics projects can be registered in either Mechanical or ECE department categories depending on the nature of the project.

  • No registration fees.
  • Each team should have maximum 5 members.
  • The projects should have both technical and social relevance.
  • The projects are directed to be displayed on both the days of the event-NSITE in their corresponding stalls.
  • No prior timings are allotted for valuation of the projects participating in the competition.
  • The teams are directed to prepare themselves for the demonstration of the projects according to their streams and requirements.
  • The complete handling and responsibility for the projects should be taken by the concerned team members.
  • Power supply would be provided by the college.
  • Any extra requirements should be borne by the concerned participating team.
  • Valuation of the projects would be based on both the relevance of the projects and the presentation skills of the team members.
  • Only self-designed projects would be entertained.
  • Purchased products will not be evaluated.
  • Certificates will be issued to all participants.
  • The decisions made by the judging panel would be final and binding. No changes would be made further.
  • Any special requirement should be conveyed to the Convener in due time and fulfillment will solely depend on Convener.
  • Simulation projects are allowed only to CSE/IT/MCA departments.
  • Mechatronics projects can be registered in either Mechanical or ECE department categories depending on the nature of the project.
  • VENUE : NCERC , Thiruvilwamala, Thrissur, Kerala

Best Engineer
The right stimulus to outsmart your rivals with your technical eminence. Incredible world changing innovations often come from students. To bring out best engineers in you, we are giving you a platform that offers a challenge to the technical acumen and mental sharpness.

The adrenaline rush you get when you belt out an answer milliseconds after the question is asked, and it is the right one, cannot be rivaled by any recreational drug in the world. The innate curiosity, the thirst for knowledge and the power of knowing is indeed what keeps quizzes going and us going to quizzes.

Rules & Regulations
Competition is only for calicut university students
Any number of team per college can participate
Two great minds will constitute a team
Singleton is not allowed
Two Rounds… Prelims and Finals
4 Teams will be thrown into the Finals
Last but not the least !! QUIZ MASTERS Decission Will Be Final
VENUE : JCET , Lakkidi, Palakkad, Kerala

For further information and registration visit


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