International Space Olympiad 2016 - 17 - Competitions and Contests for Indian Students

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

International Space Olympiad 2016 - 17

International Space Olympiad is an International Level Quiz Competition on Space Science and Space Technology, for students of grades 5-12 with a dedicated noble mission to nurture young blooming talents in the Space Science field and make them true achievers in life. Students all over the world participate in ISO under three different categories namely, Juniors (Grades 5-7), Seniors (Grades 8-10) Super Seniors (Grades 11-12). International Space Olympiad is organized every year and is celebrated by little master minds all over the globe!


Last Date of Registration : September 10, 2016


Students studying in Grades 5-12 all over the world can participate in International Space Olympiad 2016-17. Students are sub divided into three different categories and each category will have separate competition and so are the Prizes.

The Categories are:

Category 1: ISO JuniorsNEW Thanks Letter for PRINT with Space for CARD

The students studying in grades 5-7 fall under this category.

Category 2: ISO Seniors

The students studying in grades 8-10 belong to this category.

Category 3: ISO Super Seniors

The students studying in grades 11-12  are included in this category.

Each category has separate competitions and prizes.

To participate in International Space Olympiad , All candidates must register their names online for the competition through the official website of International Space Olympiad.

Important: All candidates will be provided with a temporary User ID on completing the registration through email. That is NOT the User ID for the actual examination.  The log in credentials for the online examinations will only be provided after closing the registration process. 

Competition Structure

International Space Olympiad 2016-2017 is designed to have three phases of competition as follows. he top performers of each category gets selected to participate in the next phase of competition

Phase 1  : Preliminary Level

Phase 2 : Intermediate Level

Phase 3 : International Space Olympiad 2016-17

The Winners of each category will get a never before opportunities to visit NASA. 

The ISO Quiz will be based on the following topics.

1. Space Science

2. Space technology

3. History of Space Explorations


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