Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Write an essy, make a film using a mobile phone or desing a product all about enabling Happiness after Sixty.

a. When I am 64 - Wondering what new skills I can learn from my grandchildren
b. When I am 64 - What new activities I can take up now that I am retired
c. When I am 64 - What I can do to involve young people in teaching under privileged children
d. When I am 64 - How I can use my past work experience to work for the betterment of my city

Minimum word count: 1000
Category IA: Essays in English
Category 1B: Essays in the official vernacular language of the State

Mobile Video Film
All films will be made using mobile phones. The films will be based on interviews with a senior citizen who will be asked to narrate his/her unique/interesting incident from his/her life which shaped the course of his/her life
Duration: Minimu 3 minutes Maximum 5 minutes
Opening shot:Every video clip must have an opening shot of the student holding a piece of white A4 size paper stating clearly in capital letters: Name, Class, School, City, State

Science Project
Plan and prove functionality of a product that would help senior citizens in their daily life. You may choose from any of the following ideas, or think of a new product concept
q. Remove a danger (must specify which and why) that elders face in their daily lives by providing a safety device.
b. Develop an alarm system that could alert children/neighbours/security guards whenever a snior citizen has a fall at home/in the bathroom/ on the staircase (must apply in all three situations)
c. Design walking shoes for senior citizens that offer comfort and relief from knee pain/arthritis
d. Any gadget/product that will be easy for an elder to use given that elders have to live with reduced strength in their arms and reduced moblity
You must submit a concept paper and a line drawing of the product that you have imagined. Ther is no need to actually create the product.
Eligibility: Students of Class 8-10

You can upload your entries online.
Further information visit website:



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