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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

How to Prepare for a Quiz

Well, if you have asked yourself that question, then you are serious about participating and winning a quiz. That is the most important thing, ask questions and find out answers.

Here are some tips to help you.
  • Start preparing now itself, don't keep it for another day.
  • Read newspapers regularly: Current affairs matters a lot in all the quiz contests. Reading newspaper everyday will help you to answer the questions related to the national and international events, who is who, awards and winners, sports arena, latest development in science and technology and so on. Keep updated about the latest happenings in your state, country and around the globe.
  • Do keep a notebook to record important information you may come across. Make lists of topics like capitals, currencies, importance days, sports events and venues and the like. Discuss them with your friends. Go through your notes regularly to memorise things. You can also make flash cards.
  • To learn the happenings of the previous years and to grasp the general knowledge, get a copy of the latest yearbook. Yearbooks by Manorama, CSR, Scholastic.. are wonderful resources. India 2016 (Publication Division) is a comprehensive guide to information pertaining to India (For preparing for advanced competitive examinations)
  • You should be versatile in different subject areas, so read constantly, take notes and discuss. Participate in as many quiz competitions as you can. This will give insight to the type of questions and the important topics and also will help you to discover your weak areas.
  • Watch quiz shows on television and the Internet. There are a large number of websites providing on-line quizzes. Try them
  • When you are practising an MCQ quiz, don't be satisfied with finding the answer. Also gather information on the choices given. Similarly, never be satisfied with learning the answers by-heart, collect as many information as possible about it.
  • Make a quiz group in your class (make sure you pick the members wisely). Spend your leisure time playing quiz and thereby learning.
  • Always be on the lookout for new information and new opportunities.
All the best!

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