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Thursday, 10 December 2015

CBSE MHRD Republic Day Celebrations - NATIONAL LEVEL Essay Writing Competition for students

The Central Board of Secondary Education joins hands with the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India, to conduct an essay writing competition, in English and Hindi, for
students in schools located in India and outside the country.
The competition will encourage students to:
a. find out more about the Indian constitution and its history
b. explore and understand why the constitution is important
c. recognise the two important concepts of government and good leadership
d. learn how the government protects their rights and promotes their welfare
e. learn to analyse the rights and duties of elected leaders and citizens
f. explore the role of the media

Category I: Classes I-IV Word Limit: 150-200 words
1 What I Wish for My Country
2 How I can Make My School a Happy Place
3 As a Citizen of India, My Duties are….
4 Small Acts of Kindness Can Make a Big Difference

Category II: Classes V-VIII Word Limit: 200- 300 words
1 Welfare of My Society Depends on My Well Being
2 The Functions and Importance of a Free Press in a Democratic Society
3 The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens
4 A True Hero is a Unifying Force in a Diverse Society

Category III: Classes IX-XII Word Limit: 300- 400 words
1 Discovering the Hero Within Myself………
2 Why Exercising the Right to Vote is a Citizen’s Fundamental Duty
3 The Changing Role of Citizenship from Pre-Independent India to the Present
4 The Role I Can Play in My Community to Uphold Children`s Rights

Procedure for participation:
1. The essay writing competition will be conducted between 10th January to 16th January 2016 in the schools for all students
2. The top 05 essays only, in each category, may be sent for the competition by each participating school.
3. The entries must be accompanied by the duly filled form and undertaking by the School Head along with IFSC code of students.[see annexure]
4. Every entry may be attested, with the name of the student in full, class, name of school, and title of the essay, on the top of the first page.
5. Format for submission: Entry form and essays to be scanned and e-mailed as attachments on or before 16th January 2016, to:
6. A panel of experts will select the top 25 entries in each category. Originality of ideas will be given more credit.
7. Results will be declared on the website, on 26th January 2016
8. Winners will be awarded with a Certificate of Achievement and a cash prize.
Category Prize [Rs]
Category I (Classes I-IV) 2,000 x 25
Category II (Classes V-VIII) 3,000 x 25
Category III (Classes IX-XII) 4,000 x 25
9. For any further clarification, please write to:
Entries sent in any other format / after the last date, may be liable for disqualification

Last date extended to 23 January 2016

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