Monday, 28 December 2015

Science Olympiad Foundation and the British Council.
Under SEE, a scholarship of `5000/ each plus a Merit Certificate is given to 120 students in India in recognition of their excellence in English language,
1. The S.E.E. is a one time scholarship.
 2. Under S.E.E., 120 school students from across India will be selected.
3. The selection of the S.E.E. winners will be done from recommendations sent by schools.
4. Each selected student will be awarded a scholarship of `5000/ & a Merit Certificate as a recognition of her/his excellence in English language.
5. Cheque for the amount, in favor of the selected student, will be dispatched at the school address. CRITERIA FOR SELECTION
1. A school may send a proposal recommending a student for consideration under S.E.E. The school must be a participant in the IEO being held in Jan, 2016.
 2. Each school may recommend only one student.
3. Recommendation should be signed by the school Principal / Head Master / Head Mistress only.
4. Recommendation should be in the specified format (enclosed) and complete in all respects/with required attachments.
5. The student being Recommended must be studying in the recommending school in class Three to class Ten.
6. The student should have scored at least 90% marks or equivalent grade in English subject in annual aggregate in previous class.
7. Student should have scored at least 85% or equivalent grades in previous year’s exams as aggregate.
8. All Recommendations received will be evaluated by a Committee set up by SOF.
9. Winners of S.E.E. will be notified individually and through respective schools.
10. Decision of the SOF Committee will be final and binding. 11. In case of any dispute, jurisdiction will vest with Delhi courts only.
12. Recommendations under 5th S.E.E. should reach by 31 Dec 2015, at the National Office of Science Olympiad Foundation.

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