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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Shodh Yatri Contest - Essay writing competition

In order to trace India’s historical relations with the other Asian countries, the National Book Trust, an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, along with support from the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) invites participation from students of classes 10th and 11th in Essay writing competition under the ShodhYatri Contest. The eligible participants have to apply by filling in the application form and submit an essay on specified themes.
The selected entries will be interviewed on skype and 10 winning entries finalized along with a list of waitlisted candidates. The final winning entries will be awarded with a visit to the concerned Asian country for about a week as a part of a team where they will have to submit a write-up on his/her ShodhYatra within a fortnight after returning, to the Director, National Book Trust. The write-upwill be published by the National Book Trust with appropriate modifications.
For participation in the ShodhYatri Contest, the students have to submit an essay of 5000 words in .PDF on on any one of the topics given below:
i. ShodhYatri to Sri Lanka (Search for Buddha’s Footprints)
ii. ShodhYatri to Thailand (Search for India’s contribution)
iii. ShodhYatri to Myanmar (Burma)
iv. ShodhiYatri to Bangladesh (Search for Martyrs & Freedom Fighters)
v. ShodhYatri to Cambodia (Angkor Vat)

A write-up on five identified topics as given above which needs to be further developed by the participants while submitting the Essay. The participant also has to explain in 1000 words about his/her own idea on the proposed visit and how they would utilize the experience gained.
The last date of submission is 26th November, 2015.

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