Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The contest is open in three categories :
a. School Students
b. College Students
c. Others
1.1 The competition is open to all Indian Citizens and children of Indian Citizens residing in India/
1.2 Images that have won prizes in prior competitions, or have been used for commercial
purposes and/or been published will not be eligible
1.3 Participant can submit only one image and only in one category

2.1 Images of not more than 10 MB in size must be submitted online and the organiser may
request for higher resolution images subsequently. The original images should be at least 3 MB
in size as winning images will be printed and exhibited.
2.2 Submitted images should be in JPEG format and at least 1,600 pixels wide for a horizontal
image or 1,600 pixels tall for a vertical image.

2.3 Each participant can submit only one (1) image.

2.4 Digital manipulation that distorts the reality of the images will not be allowed. Only basic
enhancements such as sharpening, contrast adjustment, or simple cropping will be allowed.

2.5 The photograph has to be sent with the ENTRY FORM to Entries
without the Entry Form will not be considered.

2.6 All submitted images are non-returnable. The file name for each image should be clearly
labelled with the participant’s full name, and where the image was taken.(E.g. Rachna Rastogi

2.7 Important Dates:
1. Contest Open from 04 Sept 2015
2. Entries will be received upto 12:00 noon on 10 Sept 2015,
3. Facebook Poll : from 12 noon on 16 Sept 2015 to 12:00 noon on 28 Sept 2015
4. Results : 30 Sept 2015

3.1 Each image submitted must be the original and unpublished work of the participant who must
also be its copyright owner.
3.2 The participant shall retain copyright to the image entered for the competition.
3.3 By submitting an image for the competition, the participant will be regarded as having
granted the organiser the right to use the image in print, broadcast and/or electronic media
without any fee payment, for the purposes of promoting the competition or areas related to the
organiser’s work including:
i. Petroleum products and services
ii. Online customer engagement & promotions
iii. Education and Social Welfare
Where any image is so used by the organiser, the participant will be acknowledged accordingly.
4.1 Prizes are non-transferrable and non-exchangeable for cash or in kind.

4.2 The organiser reserves the right to change or replace the competition prizes and/or modify
the rules and regulations of the competition as and when necessary, without prior notice.
4.3 The organiser shall not be liable for any fault with any of the prizes and any issues or queries
relating to the condition of the prizes should be referred to the manufacturer/supplier of the
5.1 This is an ALL INDIA contest and winners will be adjudged on a FACEBOOK Poll. Entries
received will be posted in exclusive folders for each category at 12:00 noon on 16 September
2015. Participants will have to follow BHARAT PETROLEUM on the official fan page ( ) to participate further in the contest. TOP 5
photographs that receive the maximum LIKES in each category will receive pre-loaded Bharat
5.2 Results of the competition will be posted on, BPCL social media
pages and winners will also be notified via email by the dates mentioned above.
6.1 By submitting an image for the competition, the participant will be regarded as having
accepted and agreed to be bound by the rules and regulations of the competition.
6.2 While the organiser will exercise due care during the collection, selection and storage of
images, it shall not be held liable for any loss, theft or destruction of the images.
7.1 “To MY TEACHER WITH LOVE” photography contest is organised by Corporate Brand & PR,
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, Mumbai.

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