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The objective of the year- long CBSE Heritage Quiz, supported by the Central Board of Secondary Education, aims to inform the growing generation of students the inter-link between their culture and heritage and the need for sustainable socio-economic development alongside modernization. In continuation with Circular No. Acad-23/2014, as in the previous years, the Heritage India Quiz would also include 25% questions on the Cultural Practices and Heritage of the North Eastern States of India. The All India quiz is expected to reach students across the country, thereby sensitizing them to the rich cultural diversity that is inherently Indian. Yet another worthy aim of the quiz is to raise awareness among them about the conservation and management of the country’s heritage. The Board, therefore, directs all school heads to ensure the maximum participation of students in this competition.

The Procedure
Phase 1 - City Chapter – 1st week of September to Mid -October
Phase 2 - Regional Chapter- Mid- November to 1st week of December
Phase 3 - National Semi Finals and Finals – Mid -week of December
Note: The Cities (venues) will be finalized after registration and the dates put up on the notifications.
Phase 1: City Chapter : The City Chapter competition will be segmented into one, two, three or six City Chapters, depending on the basis of geographical diversity and the response from each region. The event will be held in a minimum of one location and a maximum of 6 locations as per the CBSE regions.
1.1 The quiz competition will be conducted tentatively between first week of September to mid October, 2015. It will be a single day event comprising of two stages. Each school will be represented by three students who may be selected from classes IX-XII.
 Stage I Round: Written Elimination: A PowerPoint based written quiz with 30 questions to be answered in 25 minutes, where the teams from each school will collectively attempt to answer. The results will be declared simultaneously while the evaluation is being done. Top six teams qualify for the next round.
 Stage II Round: On-Stage: An on-stage quiz of 60-75 minute duration wherein questions will comprise of a mix of verbal, audio and visual items, for the qualifying participants of Stage I. This round will be conducted at the same venue immediately after stage-I round.
1.2 The winner from each group will qualify for the Regional Finals where (maximum) 6 teams will participate. Phase 2: Regional Chapter: 2.1-To be held between Mid-November to first week of December, 2015. The top ( m a x i m u m ) 6 teams from each region, will be placed at the Regional Final. The quiz competition will be held in the school where the last CITY CHAPTER of the region will take place. This round will be an on-stage event, with questions comprising of a mix of verbal, audio and visual items. The top two teams from each region qualify for the National Semi-Finals.
2.2 The schedule of the City and Regional Chapters will be p u t u n d e r t h e notifications of the CBSE website so that, they can make necessary arrangements for their travel, lodging and boarding.
Phase 3: National Semi Finals and Finals: To be held tentatively in the mid-week of December, 2015. The top 20 teams from the 10 competing regions will be divided into 5 groups of 4 teams each. The winner from each group will qualify for the finals. The Semi Finals and the Finals will be held in Delhi and will be televised .
 Interested schools should submit the registration form and confirm their participation on or before 18th August, 2015, by filling in the online registration form (Annexure A) available at by entering their affiliation number and school number.
Note: Details once entered cannot be altered after the online submission of the form.
 The schools are requested to take a printout of the submitted online registration form on an A-4 size sheet of paper and send the copy, along with the DD of INR 600/-, towards Registration Fee, drawn in favour of: The Secretary, CBSE, Delhi, duly signed by the Head of the school to: Mr. Sandeep Sethi, Education Officer, CBSE, 17 Rouse Avenue, New Delhi- 110002, by speed post so as to reach the Board not later than 21st August, 2015. The affiliation no. and name of the school along with the registration no. obtained from the website should be written on the back of the Demand Draft with an HB pencil.
 The online registration will be considered only after receiving the registration fees through the Demand Draft. The last date for online registration is 18th August, 2015.The schools are advised to register at the earliest possible date to avoid last minute delay.
 Participation is open to the students of classes IX- XII. Interested schools are requested to select and Sponsor three students who will register as a team, to compete in the City Chapter.
 Second class rail fare, including reservation charges for three students and one teacher escort, will be reimbursed to the teams who qualify to compete in the National Finals ( against photo copies of tickets).
 Rules and regulations are given in the registration form.
 School Heads may fill up and submit the feedback form by: Clicking here Certificates awarded to all the participants of Semi-finals and Finals.
Attractive prizes, trophies await the winners!
First Prize Rs. 21,000/- x 1 team Rs. 21,000/-
Second Prize Rs. 12,000/- x 1 team Rs. 12,000/-
Third Prize Rs. 7,500/- x 1 team Rs. 7,500/-
Fourth Prize Rs. 4,500/- x 1 team Rs. 4,500/-
Second Position (Semi-final) Rs. 3,000/- x 4 teams Rs. 12,000/-
Third Position (Semi-final) Rs. 1,500/- x 4 teams Rs. 6,000/-
Fourth Position (Semi-final) Rs. 1,000/- x 4 teams Rs. 4,000/-
 For further information, contact Sandeep Sethi, Education Officer, at Ph.: 011-23217128 or e-mail:

CBSE Circular
Details of City Chapter and Regional Rounds 


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