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Wild Wisdom Quiz, which started in 2008, is India's only national wildlife quiz. The objective of the quiz is to raise awareness about flora and fauna in India and inculcate a sense of pride amongst students about India's rich natural heritage.

WWF-India invites schools to participate in the 8th edition of Wild Wisdom, Asia's largest wildlife quiz. It is an initiative of WWF-India and has been recognized by CBSE as a Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) activity

The quiz will be conducted in 14 cities in India, reaching out to more than 15,000 schools. This year in addition to the Middle School quiz we also have a quiz for Junior School (Classes 3-5) and an online one for High School (Classes 9-12). The National Final (for the Middle School) will be held in New Delhi on the 7th of October during Wildlife Week. The top 3 teams will win a trip to a National Park. 

This prized experience will highlight 'Secrets of the Soil'- the 2015 theme of the Wild Wisdom Quiz.

WILD WISDOM 2015 THEME - Secrets of the Soil

The WWF-India Wild Wisdom Quiz theme for 2015, based on the UN declaration of the year 2015 as the International Year of Soils, seeks to highlight the importance and value of SOIL as the basis of the health of our planet and the delicate web of life, of which we are an integral part. Although called Earth, our planet is 75% water and only 25% land! Soil, along with water and air, is one of the earth's major natural resources, without which there would be no life. Soil is the upper layer of earth, a rich mixture of minerals, organic matter, gases, liquids, and organisms that bind together to support life. Evolved over thousands of years, soil gives life- it is the start and end of the circle of life. Soil of different types and textures performs many functions - it supports the growth and diversity of plant life; it stores and filters ground water, it is home to tiny organisms that help decompose matter and creates habitat for new life forms. It also contributes various gases to the earth's atmosphere. Human activities have destroyed forests which has caused soil erosion and degradation. We have changed and destroyed soil productivity with chemicals and reduced porosity with roads and other development. Soil pollution, often permanent, leads to water and air contamination. This results in a loss of soil productivity and reduced food supply. And thus, the Wild Wisdom Quiz 2015 takes a step forward to make the citizens realize the significance of soil and also uncover its secrets.


WWF-India will cover the travel cost for the winning teams, i.e. 2 tier AC train tickets for the school team of 2 students and a teacher. Boarding and lodging at Delhi will also be taken care of by us.

Registration for Junior and Middle Classes
The school conducts school level elimination and selects two highest scoring participants each, from Junior and Middle school.
The selected students from both the levels represent their school at the city level in the month of August/September. The Junior school quiz culminates at the city level.
The Middle school winners move on to represent their city at the National level in Delhi on October 7, 2015

Last date of registration July 31, 2015

High School (9-12)
This is an online quiz for individual students and is open to all schools from all over India. Registrations must be done online individually and payment of Rs. 100/- must be made through an online transfer with either a debit or a credit card.
Upon registrations, participants will receive a gratification kit comprising of a certificate, WWQ wristband and two stickers.
Last date of registration October 15, 2015

The quiz will happen in 3 levels:
First Level: 31 October - 2 November 2015
Second Level: 4 November - 5 November 2015
Third (Final) Level: 6 November - 7 November 2015

For further information visit WWQ Site



    1. This year's theme is Soil, so read books on soil. You may also refer the books on Wild Wisdom Quiz


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