Wednesday, 10 June 2015

List of recommended books for IMO

1. Problem Primer for the Olympiad 2Ed C.R. Pranesachar, B J Venkatachala and C S
Yogananda (Prism Books Pvt Ltd, Jayangar, Bangalore)

2. Challenge and Thrill of Pre-College Mathematics : V. Krishnamurthy, C R
Pranseachar, K N Ranganathan and B. J. Venkatachala (New age international
publishers, New Delhi)

3. Functional Equations Revised and Updated 2nd ED , B J Venkatachala (Prism Books Pvt Ltd, Jayanagar,

4. Mathematical Circles (Russian Experience) (Mathematical World) (University Press, Hyderabad).

5.Problem Solving Strategies Arthur Engel (Springer-Verlag, Germany, 1999).

6. Indian National Mathematics Olympiad by Arihant


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