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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Natural Capital Olympiad

The Natural Capital Olympiad aims to inculcate the habit of assimilating, learning and creating an appreciation for nature among the young generation. The Olympiad will cover topics like Plant life, Animal life, Environmental issues like Global warming and Climate change and have a section on our forests, sanctuaries and the parks of the country. The Olympiad does so in a in a manner that encourages the children to think, assimilate and logically reason as they attempt the questions as opposed to mugging up facts and meritorious students will be honoured with scholarships to encourage them further, along with certificates and media coverage.

School Prerequisites

Enrolling schools must be of either English or Hindi medium schools. The schools under CBSE, ICSE, IB and all state boards are welcome to enroll for the Olympiad. A minimum of 10 students must take part. 

Student Prerequisites

Each participant must be from class 3 – class 10 only, and of a school registered for the Natural Capital Olympiad.

Participation Process

Students willing to participate must register online through their schools after paying a sum of Rs. 100/- as participation fee.

Syllabus/Recommended reading

Students may refer to NCERT and other boards certified textbooks while preparing for the Olympiad. The Olympiad itself also offers a reference book for students enrolling for the Olympiad. We also encourage them to keep abreast with current affairs and general knowledge related to plant life, animal life, environmental issues like global warming and climate change, as well as our forests, sanctuaries and the parks of the country and important people part of the global conservation movement. 

Reference Material

Students wishing to purchase the reference material may do so by submitting a sum of Rs. 100/- and it will be delivered to the school. The same may also be bought from the website at 


    1. School topper awards: Gold, silver and bronze awards after school round 
         (for schools with more than 50 participants) 
    2. Class-wise National Rank 1 - Rs. 25,000 (Toppers from classes III to X) 
    3. Class-wise National Rank 2 – Rs.15,000(Toppers from classes III to X) 
    4. Class-wise National Rank 3 – Rs. 10,000 (Toppers from classes III to X) 
    5. Consolation prizes of Rs 1000 each 
    6. Best Principal Awards 
    7. Best Teacher Awards

First Round – In schools

Date: 24th August, 28th September & 30th November 2015

Format: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

No. of questions: 40

Marks: 50

Negative marking: No

Time: 60 minutes.

Venue: Respective schools

The questions will fall under six categories:

1. Flora (Entire plant life, forests, national parks, sanctuaries etc.) – 8 questions.
2. Fauna (Animal Kingdom, wildlife) – 8 questions.
3. Terra (Environment, communities, geography) – 8 questions.
4. Aqua (Marine life, oceans, water bodies, etc.) – 4 questions.
5. Mental Aptitude – 4 questions.
6. General Awareness – 8 questions.

Each question will carry 1 or 2 marks (marked by the Olympiad leaf icon) depending on difficulty level. 
Each category will have a combination of both types of questions. 

Second Round – At regional centres

Participation: Only selected students

Venue: Across five regional centres

Date: Will be intimated to the selected finalists.

Children will have to travel to the regional centres at their own cost.

How to participate

Schools interested in participating may send an e-mail to or contact the Saevus office at 022 – 25708580 to receive their registration forms. 

Schools must submit the completed registration forms by 31st July 2015. 

Registered schools will then receive a unique identification code from the Olympiad – to help during all communication thereafter. The Schools must then send us the class-wise list of students participating in the Olympiad. There is no upper or lower limit on the number of participants from each school.

Enrolled students will then be given their roll numbers and digital admit cards which can be downloaded from the Olympiad website. 

The reference books will be shipped to the respective schools by the last week of September

Further details visit

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