Friday, 27 February 2015

Participatory Democracy Project, a think tank in making is organising an All India essay competition on “Strategies for strengthening participatory democracy in India.”

“Success of democracy is impossible without participation of the people” – Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.There have been widespread welcome all over the country for the launched by the Prime Minister.The objective of the competition is to provide an opportunity to every one to provide their suggestions and recommendations.

Theme : “Strategies for strengthening participatory democracy in India.”

Eligibility :

Stream 1: Open to School Students (from 8th to 12th),

Stream 2: Open to College Students (UG & PG students of all disciplines)

Last date : 30th May, 2015

Registration :

Send your essay to with the following details

1)Name of author

2)Institutional affiliation


4)Contact no


The best 5 entries will receive a cash award of Rs. 1000.

Essay should be of maximum of 3500 words and should be written in English.
Five prizes will be awarded for the best of entries.
Essay should be sent by email to



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