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Criteria for selection:
i. The Audio and Video programmes that are produced from November 1, 2013 to February 25, 2015 are eligible for entry. An undertaking with regards to the production date of the programme should be given by the producer/institution failing which entries will be rejected.
ii. Audio/Video / New Media Programmes submitted to 20th AICEAVF must be suitable for children aged between 5 and 18 or for teachers of these children in any of the following age group.
i. Primary
ii. Upper Primary
iii. secondary
iv. Senior Secondary
v. Teacher
vi. New Media
iii. Audio programme(s) entries other than Hindi/ English , please send on DVD with subtitling in Hindi/English.
iv. Programme content should be creative, have broad appeal and demonstrate excellent artistic and
technical skills.
v. Content should speak to and respect children of diverse backgrounds and cultures positively.
vi. Duration of the programme (audio / video / New Media) shall not exceed 30 minutes.
AICEAVF will not select programmes:
i. With excessive violence, sexual references, coarse language, use of substances or with content that
advocates and supports racial, cultural, religious, or gender bias.
ii. With technical glitches.
iii. Which, if not in English/Hindi, are not subtitled or dubbed into English/Hindi.
iv. Which are aimed at audiences other than these in criteria (ii)9. Entering your programme:
Fee for submitting a programme for consideration as part of 20th All India Children’s Educational Audio,Video Festival (AICEAVF) is Rs. 200/- Payable at New Delhi in Favour of Joint Director, CIET, NCERT .
You can submit an entry to AICEAVF 2015 by:
Submitting a duly filled Entry Form (one entry form for each audio / video / New Media programme
separately) to the festival coordinator along with all relevant documents (see 5 on page no. 3).
 Screening format of selected Videos:
Please send your Video/Audio/ New Media programmes for the Competition in the highest possible
resolution on CD/DVD format.
Rules & Regulations
i. Programmes made by compiling stock shots would not be eligible for competition.
ii. Each programme can be entered in one category only.
iii. A copy of all the entries shall be retained by CIET.
iv. CIET would have non-exclusive rights to telecast/broadcast the award winning programmes.
v. A Short Listing Committee shall first prepare a short list of the entries.
All the short listed programmes will be judged by a common Jury (separately for Audio, Video and New
Media). Results declared by the Jury will be binding.
vi. CIET reserves all rights to modify the rules and dates.
Deadlines: February 25, 2015
Send your Entry Forms to:
Dr. Lal Singh
(Coordinator, AICEAV Festival 2015)
Head, Media Production Division
Sri Aurobindo Marg
New Delhi - 110016
Ph. 011-26864801 (Ext. 159) , 01126565678
Fax: 011 26864141
Email: hmpdciet@gmail.com11. Categories of Awards
1. Awards for Programme:
A. Audio programmes:
Best programme in each of the following stages will be awarded a cash prize of Rs 20,000/-
i. Primary
ii. Upper Primary
iii. Secondary
iv Senior Secondary
v. Teacher
B. Video Programmes:
Best programme in each of the following stages will be awarded a cash prize of Rs 40,000/-
i. Primary
ii. Upper Primary
iii. secondary
iv. Senior Secondary
v. Teacher
vi. New Media
2. Individual Excellence Awards: In each of the following Cash Award of Rs. 5000/-, a trophy and
certificate will be awarded:
A. Audio
i. Best script
ii. Sound Editing
iii. Best Direction
B. Video
 i. Best script
ii. Best camerawork
iii. Best editing
iv. Best set designing
 v. Best sound recording (Studio)
vi. Best sound recording (location)
vii Best effects ( Sound/ still/ animation/ graphic etc )
 viii. Best Direction

Entry Form


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