Thursday, 9 October 2014

01. Subject: Godavari PushkarMela/Kumbhmela Scene, Peace/Terrorism, Village or City scene, Any Festival, Afforestation its benefits, Teacher’s Day Celebration, National Integration, Wild Life, Cultural Heritage of India, Global Warming and its effects, Any Festival, Values like Showing respect to the elders/helping elders etc., Go Green, School Activities/Celebrations, Population explosion, sports and games, Sceneries or ANY OTHER TOPIC THE CHILD LIKES.(TOPIC IS OPEN)

02. Size: 1/4TH or 1/2 of the drawing sheet (11 x 14 inches or 14 x 22 inches size). Other sizes are not accepted.

03. Medium: Any medium (water colors, crayons, oil pastels, poster colors etc.) except pencil.

04. Groups:
Group - A: I & II Classes,
Group – B: III & IV Classes,
Group – C: V & VI Classes
Group – D: VII & VIII Classes
Group –E: IX to XII classes
Group – F (Special): VI to XII classes (oil colours/acrylic colours)

05. Each Vidyalaya may send 04 exhibits from each group i.e. from Group - A to Group - E mentioned above. But for Group-F {oil colors (not oil pastels)/acrylic colors} any number of paintings can be sent.

06. There is no “No Entry Fee”.

07. Total 25 best paintings in each group will be awarded with GOLD MEDALS/PRIZES and the next 100 with merit certificates and remaining participants will be given participation certificates.

08. TWENTY FIVE special prizes will be awarded exclusively for Group – F (oil/acrylic Paintings) from classes VI to XII.

09. A panel of eminent artists will judge the entries and their decision is final & binding.

10. The painting must be original. They should not be mounted or framed.

11. The following particulars should be furnished at the back of the painting.
a) Name b) Class c) Group d) Title of the Painting e) Name of the Drawing Teacher f) Name of the K.V. g) State, Region and full postal address with E-mail ID.

12. Each painting should be certified by the Drawing Teacher and the Principal that it is AN ORIGINAL AND UNAIDED WORK OF THE STUDENT done in the K.V. and bears the school stamp on the reverse side, failing which the paintings will be summarily rejected and no correspondence will be entertained thereafter.

13. The Principal’s covering letter along with participants list must be enclosed with the following details:
Sl. No., Name, Class, Group, School Address and Region.

14. No painting will be returned. Though late entries are not considered, they will also not be returned.

15. For results and other details please visit our Vidyalaya Website

16. Results and Prizes will be sent to the Vidyalaya along with a copy of Child Art Exhition-2014 souvenir by post.

17. All the entries should reach us latest by 10th November 2014 to thisVidyalaya Address.

18. Mementos to the Ten Best Drawing Teachers and their Vidyalayas will be awarded for good performance shown by their students.



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