Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is organising a Debate competition for the students of class XI & XII.
The competition will be conducted at two levels
1 Branch Level
2. Regional Level

At branch level competitions will be held in August/September 2014.
Schools may confirm their participation by sending  names to the branches concerned.
The winner of each cicy and sub-city at the branch level will be selected for Regional Level.

Topics for Branch Level
Branch can select any one of the topics
Smart Phone: A friend or foe in my social life
Demographic Profile of India:: Is it an asset or liability?
Reservations: Is it promoting or dividing the nation?

Regional Level Topics
Privatisation of Higher education: Quality V/s. Commercialisation
Economic Growth Vs. Inflation: Can they co-exist?

Contact nearest Regional Office/Branch of ICAI for futher details

Contact info:
gangadeepsingh@icai.in 01203045930

For Palakkad branch the topic selected in Smart Phone: A friend or foe in my social life and the date of competition is 19 September 2014.
Interested schools may contact palghat@icai.org for registration and details.



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