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Art centre for children and young people .
The art centre promotes the art education of children and young people in Finland and its activities include art, art education and research.
The centre organises exhibitions, education and training, and workshops. The emphasis is on visual arts. The heart of the art centre is the international collection and archive of children’s and young people’s art, which has accumulated since the 1970s and now comprises approximately 100 000 artworks from some 130 countries. The Art Centre for Children and Young People collaborates with various expert bodies in the fields of youth work, art and culture.
The Art Centre for Children and Young People is run by a foundation established by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the City of Hyvinkää in 1980.
What kind of food do you eat at your place? What kind of habits and rituals are involved in eating? Where and how is food being produced and made? What does food look, smell and taste like? How would you represent the features and traditions of the food culture in your own environment, family, school or home town?
We invite children and young people throughout the world to participate in the 15th International Art Exhibition for Children and Young People. The theme is food. It can be interpreted freely and dealt with in various ways in order for the participant’s culture, environment and individual ideas to emerge. The inviter and exhibition organiser is Art Centre for Children and Young People in Hyvinkää, Finland.
The 15th International Exhibition will be held in Villa Arttu Cultural Centre for Children and Young People in Hyvinkää 29.10. –14.12.2014, and in the International Cultural Centre Caisa in Helsinki in the beginning of 2015. The submitted artworks will be evaluated by a working group which consists of recognised artists and art educators. The artworks for the exhibition will be selected from the  ollowing age categories: under 7 years, 7 – 9 years, 10 –12 years, 13 –15 years and 16 –18 years. Medals and diplomas will be awarded in each category.
THE SUBMITTED ARTWORKS WILL NOT BE RETURNED. All the artworks will be added to the International Archive of Art Centre for Children and Young People.
If the maker of the artwork is underage, an adult person must be in charge (parent, teacher or similar). The copyright of the artwork is given to Art Centre for Children and Young People in Hyvinkää to extent that 1) the artwork can be included in the archive of children and young people’s art maintained by Art Centre for Children and Young People, 2) the artwork in the archive can be used for research, teaching and exhibitions, 3) the artwork can be used for the Art Centre for Children and Young People’s web pages. Otherwise the copyright, including commercialisation, remains with the maker.

The adult person in charge is responsible for the content of the video/photography and that the artwork does not impinge on other copyrighted material (e.g. music). In addition, the adult person in charge is responsible for all identifiable persons appearing in the video/photography having agreed to the artwork being presented publicly. The guardians of the underage persons appearing in the video/photography have to agree to the artwork being presented publicly.
Paper based artworks
• The artworks are not to be framed.

• Techniques: drawings, paintings, graphics, photographs, comics etc.

• The maximum size is 42 x 60 cm.

• One work per person. Schools and groups may submit a maximum of 10 works.

• A copy of the entry form should be pasted to the back of each artwork, and filled with the required details. Visit the site for entry form

• The artworks should be sent by post to arrive no later than 31 May 2014 to: Art Centre for Children and Young People, Kankurinkatu 4–6, FI-05800 Hyvinkää, Finland
Digital artworks
• The digital artworks can be videos, animations, photographs or other digital images. In the videos the theme of food can be dealt with in the form of, for example, a story or a documentary.
• The digital artworks, for example photographs, won't be printed. The works will be shown in digital form.

• Allowed file types: jpg, png, gif, mov, avi, wmv, mp4

• Video Duration: maximum of 3 min

• Allowed file size: maximum of 100 MB

• One digital artwork/participant or a working group. Schools and groups are allowed to send in a maximum of 10 works.

• To upload digital material a code is needed. You receive the code to your email by registering here. You need the code when you send your registration form.

• Registration and uploading are done by filling out the e-form. Make sure that the form is filled out carefully. You can upload one digital artwork onto the form.



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