Sunday, 13 April 2014

You could Win Exciting Gifts & Certificates!
Participate online in quiz, games, drawing & other contests and win prizes. Contest is open for students in grades 1 to 10. Don’t have a Learnhive account? Sign up today, get regular email updates, and get ready to win!
 Prize Categories

 Grade 1 and Grade 2

Grade 3 and Grade 4

Grade 5 and Grade 6

Grade 7 to Grade 10
General Rules for Participation

• Signup for free at Learnhive. If you are already a registered user, you are ready to participate in the contests.
• This contest is only for students from grades 1 – 10.
• Any work submitted should be the participant’s original work; any copied material will be disqualified.
• You can collect points by playing fun and educational games.
• More competitions you take part in, the more points you get.
• Entries have to be sent before the published deadline.
• The gifts cannot be cashed under any circumstances.
• This contest is only for those who are a resident of India.
• Participants will need to produce an Identify proof whenever required.
• The panel of judges also have a say in deciding the winner. The judges' decision is final and binding.

Quiz Wiz
The Next Picasso(Art)

Contest Closes on May 22nd


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