Friday, 7 July 2017

Children Online National Level Painting Competition

Showcase your drawing and painting skills and win a prize:
Dessin School of Arts is conducting an online National level Art and painting contest with different themes. The competition is conducted on quarterly basis (i.e., you can send your entries within the given three months time, after which the theme will be changed for the next competition). The competition as of now is open only to the children studying in India, though we shall make efforts to include every other art loving children. Participants should abide by our decision

The best five entries from each group (Pre KG - 3rd Std, 4th Std - 6th Std, 7th Std - 9th Std) from will be announced as the winners.
 In each age group and each students (other students, Dessin Students)
 First prize Gold Medal + Personalised certificate
 Second prize Silver Medal + Personalised certificate
 Third prize Bronze Medal + Personalised certificate

group - 1 : Pre KG - 3rd Std - MY TOYS
group - 2 : 4th Std - 6th Std - SUMMER
group - 3 : 7th Std - 9th Std - SAVE WATER

 Closing Date: 30 JULY 2017
Announcing Date:  AUGUST 2017

1. There is no entry fee
2. Each student can send only one entry per competition.
3. Paintings must be the student’s original creative work.
4. Entries should be closely related to the given theme, allowing for a degree of imaginary interpretation.
5. The painting should be done in A4 size and must be sent in JPEG image form.
6. Every entry must carry the required information as provided on the website of the organisers in English and in Block Letters at Registration Form and while uploading the painting.

Visit the Organiser's Site for more information and registration



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