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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

APAAC Quiz Competitions

APAAC (Advertisement Promotion and Analysis Centre) is a consortium to boost up the ongoing ad campaigns. We have a panel to monitor, analyse and initiate promotion campaigns and their impact. Our methodology is interactive contest series, involving both advertiser as well as consumer.

Rules & Regulations

The APAAC contest is open to all.

The interested persons have to register well in time.

There is no fee for the contest.

The date of the contest will be informed to the registered contestants through e-mail / newspaper.

All the contestants will be given the user name & password soon after the registration.

The registered persons who doesn’t receive a username and password has to contact APAAC.

The contestants have to answer 24 numbers of questions within a time limit of 10 minutes for whole contest and maximum 25 seconds for each questions.

The model contest and sample questions are available at our website for reference.

Prizes :-
1st prize - Rs.1 Lakh for 2 persons.
Prizes up to 500th position.

Necessary taxes will be deducted from the prize amount.

If there is a tie for any position, the rank will be decided by lucky-draw.

APAAC will publish the mark/rank list shortly after the contest through our web site..

The questions screening through our website are only the views of the advertisers.

All the questions of the contest are included in the question pool.

Currently Ramayana Apaac is open
on March 29 and 30

Main Contest will be on April 21 and May 27

For further information and registration visit www.apaac.in

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