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Sunday, 9 February 2014

ROBOKID - 2014 - A National Robotics Festival


ROBOKID™ - A Robotics Competition which is an intellectual exercise for students to encourage multidisciplinary talent and practical skills among young. This competition is one of its kinds which fall in the month of June of every year. It is aimed to turn out to be a revolutionary one in bringing theoretical lesson coupled with practical experience through a joyful and innovative way for students. ROBOKID™ is one such program which cultivates interest towards exploring new technologies in an amusing way. This competition serves as a forum for students for the overall development of personality, leadership, organizational skills and exemplary team work which are essential for a successful career in addition to academic activities

ROBOKID 2013 was an event for exchange of technological ideas and sporting spirit. It was a pleasure for us as well as the parents to watch students taking the initiative to participate and to get introduced to the world of ‘Logical programming

ROBOKID competition for 2014 will be held in the month of June. This time, ROBOKID 2014 comes up with the theme of “Our planet- Our Future”, to create more awareness about the utmost importance of environment protection for a better future.

This competition will give your kid a forum to learn STEM concepts practically with hands on experience instead of focusing only on theoretical concepts.

BENEFITS are numerous:

Wonderful opportunity to enjoy active and joyful learning.
Students experience NO pressure to perform, rather; enjoy the process of learning.
ROBOKID training sessions will enhance the thought process of student’s logical and analytical reasoning.
Enhances mathematical & scientific curiosity of student in turn strengthening their self learning & problem solving skills.
Fosters the spirit of TEAM WORK which is a key to success in today’s globalized world.
Level 1

As the students get registered, they will be provided with 1 licensed RoboGuru software along with a set of online tutorials. Once he/she is comfortable with the RoboGuru environment they can undergo an online test. 

The test will be on the following topics:

Programming in RoboGuru.
Logical Skills
Level 2

Once the student is selected for the Level 2, he/she will be given a map that involves a similar environment as in Fig 1 (Visit the site for details). They have to solve the map in RoboGuru environment and send the programming code through e-mail

Level 3

Two teams (One red and One blue), will be competing with each other.

As in the Fig. (Visit the site for details), Green colored blocks, which represent the saplings, are placed on two sides of the arena. Yellow colored blocks are placed in the path the robot travels which represent garbage

All the student has to do is to trickily program their robots to pick the saplings from one end and place them in the slots at the other end. (For e.g. Blue team has to pick the green blocks from the blue pockets and place them in the blue slots provided at the other end).
The team who places the maximum (or all) the saplings in the shortest time will be announced as the winner.

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