Thursday, 9 January 2014

 Organised by Central Institute of Educational Technology /NCERT, New Delhi
To promote visual communication skill and creative expression among students and teachers.
The contest is OPEN to all students/candidates of ages 12-18 years and teachers from formal, non-formal, private and government schools from all states and union territories of the country.
The broad themes of the contest suggested:
·         We and Our Environment
·         Wonders: Gift to Humankind
·         Monuments: Our Past
·         Festivals: Celebration of Life
·         Transportation: Life Line

Subthemes are not mention because participants are free to think any subthemes.
Rules and Regulations
The contest is open to all students/children of age groups 12-18 years from formal, non-formal, private and government schools from all states and union territories of the country.

Content of the posters/photographs/video should not be obscene or hurt any religious or social sentiment.

Each student and teacher may send five entries, one on each of the five themes referred above.

For each entry students and teacher should write the theme and the title/caption of the poster/photograph/video clip.

The entries should be sent through the Head of the Institution along with the certificate of bonafide work done by a particular student and teacher in the prescribed format.

Acceptable specification for contest:
• The Photographs may be in color or black & white in 5”x7” or 8”x10”size.
• Digital photographs should be in size of 1024X768 (Pixels) and a print size of 8”x10”
• Video should be in mp4, ogg, mov or wmv digital video format. It should
be more than 2 minutes & less than 7 minutes & not more than 50MB.
• The size of the poster should be 15”X20” or 20”X30” and in at least 150 pixel/inch resolutions.
• Mention the name of the contest on the envelope.
The contestant should write his/her name and complete postal address with e-mail/ fax / phone number on one copy only.
 All the entries will be screened by jury consisting of acclaimed artist, photographers, videographers and educationists.

 Posters/photographs/Video clips submitted to the competition will not be returned. NCERT will be free to use for educational purposes in their electronic or print publications.
The decisions of the judges are final and not subject of arbitration.
In all matters and disputes, the decision of the Joint Director, Central Institute of Educational Technology /NCERT, New Delhi will be final and binding.

Please note:
1. All entries received would be showcased on the CIET website along with the particulars of the participant in the contest.
2. The prize-winning entries will be treated as the copy right of the CIET/NCERT.

The last day for the submission of All India Poster/Photography/Video Contest for students and teachers (2013-14) is 21st January, 2014.

Posters/Photographs/videoes may be submitted either: BY POST OR ONLINE
Addresses for Communication:
Joint Director,
Central Institute of Educational Technology (NCERT),
ChachaNehru Bhawan, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi -110016.
Rajesh K. Nimesh
Program coordinator
2nd floor,
Room No. 219


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