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Saturday, 11 January 2014

2014 World Handwriting Contest

The 2014 World Handwriting Contest will be accepting entries from January 1, 2014 through June 30, 2014

World Handwriting Contest of AAHC: Annual American Handwriting Competition and WHAC: World Handwriting Achievement Contest.

The Contest judges and director will select winners each year, beginning in July and continuing if necessary through September.

    Prize-winners' names and writing-samples typically appear on this web-page as soon as possible after the judging - in other words, July or August when possible (but, if necessary, beginning in September or October) and remain on display here for a full year (until after the judging of the next year's contest), after which the new prize-winners' names and writing-samples will replace them.

    WHC distributes prizes to the contest-winners each year, distributing all prizes by December.

    Mail your entry as early as possible. Postal systems can take several days or weeks to deliver an envelope, particularly when the mail must travel between countries. We cannot accept any facsimile (fax) or electronic submissions.

    PLEASE NOTE: Each writer to submit only one entry each year. An individual who has written more than one entry must select only one entry to send. In order to avoid overwork for our judges, beginning in 2008 the World Handwriting Contest will disqualify writers who send more than one entry.


    Anyone in the world, of any age, may enter the World Handwriting Contest. (Due to numerous requests, for 2007 we have decided to open the contest to all age groups.) Our team of judges will evaluate your entry within ONE of the following age groups.

    1. Children (age 7 and under)
    2. Pre-Teens (ages 8 through 12)
    3. Teens (ages 13 through 19)
    4. Adults (ages 20 through 64)
    5. Seniors (age 65 and over)

    (PLEASE NOTE that the term "Children" now designates entrants age 7 and under. To establish a contest division for the youngest entrants, for 2007 and subsequent years we have re-named the division for ages 8 through 12 the "Pre-Teen" group instead of "Children" as in 2006 and previous years.)

    Within each age group, the judges will sort submissions into two categories of handwriting:

    FUNCTIONAL HANDWRITING - which strives for legibility, speed, and fluency without aiming at artistic effect. For this category, the judges will further separate entries as cursive or manuscript (printing).
        CURSIVE - joins 50% or more of its letters.
        MANUSCRIPT (print-writing) - joins fewer than half of its letters.

    ARTISTIC HANDWRITING -which uses a monoline or calligraphy marker, pen, or brush along with decorative strokes, flourishes, or combinations of shading and hairlines to create an artistic effect.

WHC will award first and second prizes in each of these categories and subcategories.

PLEASE NOTE: the judges - not the contest entrants - determine the category and subcategory in which each entry belongs.

    To keep the contest open to the greatest possible number of entrants and winners, please submit only ONE (1) entry each year that you enter the contest.
    Past winners of the Contest may enter. However, to keep the contest continually open to aspiring handwriters, the management of the World Handwriting Contest must ask any entrant who has already won three first prizes in the Contest to refrain from entering future World Handwriting Contests.
    In the event that anyone does receive three first prizes in the World Handwriting Contest, we will regard this individual as a "Lifetime Winner" and will enter his or her name permanently on this web-page, in a special "Lifetime Winners" area. 

    Visit the website for the two copy-quotes for this contest and for instructions on how to write and send it.

Mail or hand-deliver your entries (to the "Handwriting for Humanity/World Handwriting Contest" address below) in time to arrive on or before June 30th.

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