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Thursday, 16 May 2013

CBSE Science Exhibition-2013

The CBSE Science Exhibition 2013 is scheduled to be organised in different parts of the country at Regional level in the month of July/August and atNational Level in the month of September/October,2013.

The main theme and sub-themes for this year’s exhibition are:
Main Theme: Science and Society
Sub-themes: The six sub-themes are:
Natural resources and their Conservation
Transport and Communication
Information and Education Technology
Community Health and Environment and 
Mathematical Modelling. 

Key aspects of the exhibition
How to register:
(i) Every participating school will pay a participation fee of Rs.500/- in the form of a demand draft in favour of Regional Officer, CBSE payable at respective regional office city.
(ii) The request for participation alongwith the enclosed registration form and fee is to be  sent directly to the Respective Regional Officer and not to Headquarters Delhi.
(iii) The schools in Delhi region may send it to the Regional officer, Central Board of Secondary Education, PS-1-2, Insitutional Area, I.P. Extension, Patparganj, Delhi-110 092
(iv) The last date for registration for participation in the event is June 15,2013.
Rules for Participation:
(v) The participating school can put up a maximum of two exhibits/projects/models.
(vi) A school team may be represented by a maximum of two students per exhibit and one escort Science Teacher.
(vii) School team participating at regional level and National level must remain the same.
(viii) The exhibit/project displayed and selected at regional level should be based on theme and sub theme selected.
(ix) Schools may rework on exhibit / project shortlisted at regional level for its display at national level. However they are not allowed to change the theme or sub theme of the selected / shortlisted exhibit.
(x) The participating school/team will have to bear all expenses related to participation in the event.
(xi) The participating teams will have to make their own lodging/boarding arrangements at the venue city of exhibition.
How to prepare Models/ Projects:
(xii) The exhibit/model may be either
(a) A working model
(b) An investigation-based project
(xiii) The exhibit/project may include working model to explain a concept, principle or a process an indigenous design of a machine/device
an innovative/inexpensive design or technique application of basic principles of Science/Technology
Scheme/design of a device or machine to reduce production cost Investigation based study
(xiv) Greater emphasis may be given to investigation-based innovative projects to kindle scientific method and scientific approach in the students.
(xv) A brief write-up about the main-theme and sub-themes is enclosed for reference. The participating teams may prepare the exhibits/projects on any one of the sub-themes satisfying one or more of the stated parameters.
(xvi) It is mandatory to submit a neatly typed brief write up (approximately 100 words) about the exhibit at regional as well as national level at the time of registration.
(xvii) The exhibits/projects will be assessed by the experts as per the following criteria:
a. Students’ own creativity and imagination 20%
b. Originality and innovativeness in design of the exhibit/project 15%
c. Scientific thought/principle 15%
d. Technical skill/workmanship/craftsmanship 15%
e. Utility/educational value 15%
f. Economic aspect, portability, durability 10%
g. Presentation -Explanation and demonstration 10%
General Guidelines:
(xviii) The first stage of exhibition will be held at two/three different venues in every region.
(xix) The selected best fifteen exhibits/ schools at every regional level venue will be eligible to participate in the National level exhibition.
(xx) The actual dates for the regional level exhibition will be communicated through the Regional officers to every school as well as through CBSE website by July 15,2013.
(xxi) Attractive awards/cash prizes are given to exhibits/students who present the best twenty models at the national level.

For details see the prospectus

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