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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Innovation Forum: Earth Day 2013 - Competition by TERI and Sanjay Dutt Production

TERI is producing a feature film in association with Sanjay Dutt Production. The film will focus on inventions made by common man to enhance their standard of living and to optimally utilize the scarce resources. Against this background and as a run up to the Earth Day 2013, the Educating Youth for Sustainable Development Division at TERI launches a school competition called “Innovation Forum” a joint association of TERI and Sanjay Dutt Production, which aims at inviting interesting and out of the box innovative ideas that can be used in the feature film.

The competition will be open from 01 – 20 April 2013

Winners will be chosen by the esteemed panel of judges including the Director of this Film. The inventions used in the film will also be given due credit and the winners will be felicitated before the launch of the film. Completed entries can be forwarded to TERI by e-mail, fax or by post before due date, and the participants will get certificate of participation.

Instructions for the ‘Innovation Forum’ competition

Please read the instructions below, before appearing for the “Innovation Forum” competition:
The Competition is divided into two categories; you can choose anyone of the following.

DO NOT forget to mention the category you have chosen in your answer sheets.
i) Innovative ideas that can be asset to our day-to-day life, at home, etc.
ii) Innovative ideas that help the neighborhood

The Innovation forum competition is conducted at two levels:
i) Level 1: Classes 6-8: Students are expected to write 500 words on any
one of the category chosen above
ii) Level 2: Classes 9-12: Students are expected to write 1000 words on any one of the category chosen above

The body of your write up should be able to answers the following questions:
 What are the invention/ innovative idea?
 Who all will be the primary users of the invention?
 What does the invention do?
 Where will the invention be used?
 When can one use this invention?
 Why is this invention important?
 How does one exactly use the invention?

Please think out of the box, creative and wacky ideas that can help in effective utilization of scarce resource. Run of the mill stuff will not be accepted.

Please note, information/idea that has been taken from "internet‟ or any other media source will not be considered.

The „Innovation Forum‟ competition is live from 1st – 20th April 2013. Please send at least 10 entries (individual) from your school (by mail/post/fax) latest by 20 April 2013.

For any queries, feel free to write to Mr Saju V K at sajuvk[at] or call at 011 – 24339606/24339607/24339607 – Extn. 4232/4233, (fax - 24339609).

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