Friday, 18 January 2013

Pearson Education Services, India’s leading education and training services provider announced theScience Aptitude Test (SAT) 2013. The test will be conducted in January in different centres.

All Kerala Science Aptitude Test 2013 will be conducted as per the details given below.

For Class 7 & 10: 27 Janyar 2013
For Class 8 & ( : 3 February 2013

Registration is free!

General Science and Mental Ability
(Separate paper for each class)

Students participating in the test will be provided a ranking to help them evaluate where they stand in addition to an individual detailed performance analysis report.

Top performing students will get scholarships and a chance to win a Tablet.

For more information visit nearest Pearson Centre.
Free registration  Call: 9995866416
Palakkad Centre: 0491-2527491
Pearson Helpline: +919895019991



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