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Monday, 14 January 2013

Arogyatharakam Video Fest 2012

In the context of extending School Health Programme, the Department of Health and National Rural Health Mission in consultation with the Department of Education is conducting a competitive documentary video festival for the students of High School and Higher Secondary Schools of Kerala in the government and aided sectors. The programme is named ‘Arogyatharakam Video Fest 2012’.

The objective of the programme is to provide opportunity for the students to develop and communicate their constructs related to healthy living, health promotion and prevention of diseases etc. It is also expected that through this programme the students will get an opportunity to communicate with their peers to enhance health in their living context and to advocate these in their personal, family and community health.


1.  communicable Disease

2.  Substance Abuse

3.  Adolescent Issues

4.  Non-Communicable Diseases

5. Internet applications and health

6. Gender Sensitivity

7.  Food Habits

8.  Food Security

9.   Nutrition and Health

10.Importance of Micronutrients

11.Importance of Immunisation

12. Healthy Environment

13. Inclusive Education

1.    Online Registration – before 30th January 2012
2.    Submission of scripts through online (duly authorized by the Principal / Headmistress / Headmaster) on or before 30th January 2013.
3.    Workshop for three students and a teacher for the selected scripts.

Terms and Conditions
4.    Duration of films should not exceed 10 minutes
5.    Entry form for submitting the script of the documentary shall be made available in the website of C-DIT and NRHM
6.    Selection of scripts will be done by a panel of experts
7.    50 scripts will be selected for competition
8.    Financial support of Rs.15,000/- for making the documentary shall be provided to the schools whose scripts are selected. The amount will be issued to the HM/Principal of the school.
9.    The documentary will be produced with the assistance and co-operation of the Health club in the school. The Teacher-in-charge of the health club will be the nodal person.
10.    From the documentaries made, the best ones will be selected by a panel of experts in the field.
11.    Those winning in the competition will be awarded.
12.    Two days Video Festival shall be organized at Trivandrum, in which winners (First and Second) will be selected.
13.    Prizes for best script, best camera, best editor, best sound and direction will be selected.

For online registration click here

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