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Technothlon is an international school championship organized by the students of IIT Guwahati. Technothlon gives students an opportunity to explore IIT Guwahati and get an inside into the technological world. It is an enthralling competition of mental aptitude, logical skills and dexterity - in which students compete in teams of two. The contest is divided into two categories of students - Junior Squad (classes 9-10) and Hauts Squad (classes 11-12) and is organized over 2 rounds - a written prelims (which takes place in numerous schools all over India in July), and mains - which is conducted at IIT Guwahati, among the top 50 teams from each squad.


Technothlon unlike any other exam promotes team work. The participants participate in a team of two and are first tested with their mental aptitude and logical skills in a written exam in the Prelims and then their creativity and observational skills are put to test during their stay at IIT Guwahati in the Mains. 
Prelims: 14th July, 2013
Mains: 29th August - 1st September, 2013

Top 50 teams from prelims will participate in the Mains at IIT Guwahati.

Students of 9th-12th in the year 2012-13. Classes 9th and 10th comprise the junior squad while classes 11th and 12th comprise the hauts squad. No pre-requisite knowledge on definite topics in science or elsewhere is required.

Technothlon is an exam filled with intriguing questions that test your logical thinking and presence of mind. If you think your analytical abilities are sharp and your logic is clear, then just sit for the exam and you are sure to crack it!

Championship Details
Technothlon is a team event, in which students from classes 9th-12th can participate in pairs.
1. Eligibility Criteria
 Junior Squad: Class: IX-X in the academic year, 2013-2014
Haut Squad: Class: XI-XII in the academic year, 2013-2014

Streams: All (Science, Humanities, Commerce, other vocational streams)

2. Team Format
Number of participants in a team: 2 (Both from same squad, and school.)
(No individual participation allowed.)
3. Round-1: Prelims
Date: 14th July, 2013
Venue: Your school
Duration: 10:30am 􀍴 1:00pm

Event Details:
First round will be a written examination of 2.5 hours. The exam would be based on pure logical, analytical, and out-of-the-box thinking skills. No facts, or mathematical formulas, except for the basic operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide) would be involved. Since, the exam is purely based on your thinking ability, and not on hardcore academics, so there is no criterion of marks for participating. Also, any stream can participate in the event, as no scientific knowledge would be required as the name of the organizing institute might indicate.

5. Round-2: Mains
Dates: 29th Aug-1st Sep, 2013
 Venue: IIT Guwahati

Event Details:
The teams selected from the first round will be called to IIT Guwahati for the Mains, the final round of the championship. The competitions in store for them are:

Junior Squad: (for details visit:
i. August Sky
ii. Plethora of Spark
iii. Prototype X

Hauts Squad: (for details visit:
i. Roborush
ii. Espionage
iii. Source-Code

The top 5 teams, of each squad, based on the combined result of the 3 competitions held for each squad, will be eligible for the final competition: Final Showdown, a surprise event.

6. Results:
 Round-1 (Prelims): By the second week of August.
 Round-2 (Mains): During the final Showdown, on 1st Sep, 2013.

7. Prizes:
The teams called to IIT Guwahati, based on the Prelims, will be given Gold Certificates.
 The top 3 teams in the Mains, will be given prizes, worth Rs. 2 lacs.
 Winners will receive: Laptops.
 There will be Certificates and Prizes for the event winners of Mains.
 Sharda University, our Knowledge partner will give scholarships to the top 30 students of

class 12th.

Previous year question papers are available at Technothlon Website

Visit for further information.



  1. I'm giving this examination at the first time and want to qualify this.........

    1. u can do it i also i want

  2. IIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by the name it shows its importance!!!!!!!!!
    be sure not to miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Guys m also giving this xam for first tme..nd i want to qualify it.. i want to bcame n iitian.. it gud to hear iitians..all the very best guys those who r giving this xam...

  4. im writing this exam for first time and i want to be selected for second level.what to prepare for

  5. based on thinking skill, that realy nice just wait nd watch

  6. M coming ghuwati<<<rajesh sir......

  7. can please inform when are the results to be out of the 1st round

  8. Replies
    1. Results already published at

  9. this is sravan goud and i m coming to IIT Guwahati to enjoy the performance.So all of u better luck and perform better.

  10. if you are an catalyseRian............................. you can easily pass this exam with style

  11. i m in 10th a school .....and will pass out my xms in march ......for 11th i would prefer another school ....nd my friend who is in pair with me in this test of iit gawahati will not change her scl in 11th ......and we r going to fill this form....and test is on 16 july at scl but if we would not be in same scl .....then how could we'll give our test.....pls tell me something

    1. the best things is to ask this question from your city representative and surely they
      they will soon reply to your answer .because i am also suffering from this problem

  12. can you please mention the details
    Junior Squad:
    i. August Sky
    ii. Plethora of Spark
    iii. Prototype X

    Hauts Squad
    i. Roborush
    ii. Espionage
    iii. Source-Code

    1. These are topics for the competition events for the mains. The students selected for mains will be given training and knowledge required for these competitions.
      This years competition registration is open now. Visit for details.

  13. i am to writing this examination for first time ...............has a dout that if we go to gowthi our next class will be continued or not with their foundation ?????????????????????????????????


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