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The Tata Building India School Essay Competition is one of the key initiatives undertaken by the Tata group of companies to motivate the youth of India towards thinking about nation building.
At present the Online Essay competition is open for the students.
Click here to register and participate in the competition.

In the current year 2012-2013, the essay competition is scheduled to be held in 10 languages with Telugu & Malayalam as new languages across 170 cities, 6000 schools and will cover approximately 2+ million students.
The theme of 2012-13 is 'Science & Technology for India'. The current year program is set to yet again touch 2-2.5 million students in 6000+ schools nationwide.
Also as a new initiative Tata Building India Online essay competition is open for students participating on Individual basis.
*Topic for the Essay Competition is provided on the spot. 
The Tata Building India for 2012-13 will be announced in due time.
Structure and Process
The Competition Structure 
The essay competition is a two-phase activity across all the participating schools in the country for students of classes 6-12. The first phase consists of exposing these young minds to inspirational Tata-linked films which stimulate them to think about the nation. Following this, students are asked few questions based on the films shown. To ensure a level playing field, the students are divided into 2 participating categories across all languages (Junior - class 6-8 and Senior - class 9-12).
The Tata-linked films being shown this year are: Tata Building India introduction doumentary, based on the previous years’ Tata Building India school essay competitions
Speak for Earth - Which is about some of the initiatives that Tata companies have taken to preserve and nurture, nature and habitat. Followed by this the topic of the essay is shared with the students and they are requested to write an essay on a given topic of national significance.

Topic of the Essay Competition:
The underlying theme of the topic is always nation building. The topics are carefully chosen for students to be creative, insightful and genuine. The theme of the 2012-13 competition is “Science & Technology for India”.
Some of the previous years’ topics were:
How can you keep place you live in your home, your school a neat and clean place
What should India do to win 20 gold medals in 2016 Olympics?
If I were the Prime Minister of India what would I do to make India a super power by 2020?
What should we do to make our education system prepare us for a better tomorrow?
What would you do to make India a happy country?
What we can do as a country and citizens to reduce poverty and ensure basic amenities for every Indian?
Judging Process
The essays of the students are screened at 3 levels: School level, City level and National levelSchool Level Essays at the school level are shortlisted by the identified judges within the school, the school level winners are indentified in both categories
City Level The essays of the school level winners across the schools from each city are collected and evaluated by a panel of 3 judges from the academic and the journalism fields, two winners in each category are shortlisted for city level recognition as winners from the respective cities.
National Level The city level winner’s essays in both categories from each city are finally judged by an elite panel comprising of eminent people to choose the national winners. It would be of interest to note that the essay is written by the child only once and is evaluated at three levels.
Rewards and Recognition:
The winners are rewarded at each level, the school level winners are amplified at school and special functions are held to felicitate city level winners at regional level. The national level winners are felicitated in Delhi. Prizes at the school level include certificates, medals and special Tata Building India merchandise. The city winners and the runners-up receive gifts like Digicam / Handycam / MP3 player, Certificates and trophies. The national level winners receive laptops as the grand prize.
Visit TBI Website for further information


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