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Friday, 12 October 2012

"I am city changer" campaign contests

Consumers India has launched a ‘I am a city changer’ contest in collaboration with the Society for Upliftment of Masses, an NGO in Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC of United  Nations. This is also the theme of UN Habitat.
Everyone is eligible to participate and win prizes.
The entries (picture/video) should be original and not copied from  other sources and they should describe/amplify how you are changing your city by your innovative action.
Prizes and Certificates will be given to top three participants every quarter, starting from the quarter (July-September, 2012) on the basis of number of ‘Likes’ earned by them. 
Minimum no of ‘Likes’, required to qualify for the prize is 25. 
The Contests
1. Slogan Contest: Theme "I am a city changer. I am changing my city by  .......................................... (complete this sentence in not more than 10 words)
2. Painting Competition: On the theme "Yes, I am a city changer"
3. Online Photography/Video Contest: Them "I am city a changer"

There is NO entry fee
The first two contests all good entries are rewarded
Ten best entries of these two from an institution may be sent to the organisers by 30 November 2012 with details of the participant like name, age, class, institution, postal address and email of the participant at the back in Capital letters.
For the third contest visit Consumers India page on http://www.facebook.com/consumersindia2007 and upload a picture or a video (video should not exceed 5 minutes), along with a caption/slogan, describing  how you are changing your city for the better. Entries only on that page will qualify for prizes.
Each entry should have a caption/slogan describing how it is changing the city.
 For the purpose of this contest, quarters have been identified as ‘July-Sept’, Oct-Dec, Jan-March’ & April-June. Entries will be judged immediately after the end of the quarter on the basis of likes received by them, provided they satisfy the basic criteria of being a city changer entry.
Entry, which has received prize in one quarter, will not be eligible for prize in any subsequent quarter.
Entries received in a particular quarter, which could not receive prize in that quarter, will be eligible in the subsequent quarters also on the basis of likes received by them. The participants should therefore make constant efforts to win as many likes as they can.
The entry should be original and should pertain to the city of normal residence of the participant.

Society for Upliftment of Masses
E-7/16, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi - 110057

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