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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Design for Change School Challenge

Design For Change is a global movement designed to give young people an opportunity to express their own ideas for a better world and put them into action With it’s inspirational roots at Riverside School, Ahmedabad, India, the global movement started in 2009 has inspired hundreds of thousands of children, their teachers and parents to celebrate the fact that they are not helpless, that change is possible and that they can lead and inspire that change.  

The program asks students to do four simple things: Feel, Imagine, Do and Share.This simple framework has inspired children across the world to say ‘I CAN’ instead of ‘CAN I?’ Children and adults learn through Design For Change that ‘I CAN’ are the two most powerful words a person can believe in! Children who have realized this are changing their world!

Why DFC Challenge?
The challenge is about making our children believe that Change is possible and that They can drive it!

Start the Challenge
1. Chare the idea of the challenge with the students (preferred age group 8-13 years)
2.  Select a mentor teacher and form teams (ideally 5 students per team)
3. Get each team to follow the simple 4 step process (FEEL, IMAGINE, DO, SHARE)

Feel - This step asks students to observe the situations in their community that bother them. After drawing out a list of situations, the students choose one that they would like to change. They explore why this situation bothers them, who are the people affected by this situation and who are the people involved in creating this situation.
Imagine - This step encourages students to interact with the people of their community to identify points of intervention and possible solutions. The students create their best-case scenario and re-design this situation to make it better.
Do - The students then develop a plan of action, keeping in mind the resources, budget, time and human resources they have. They then implement this plan.
Share - The final step is to share the story of change so that other people may be able replicate their solution and also be inspired to new problems. All stories of change are shared on the DFC website. Besides this, schools and organizations host events where the young change-leaders and their stories are celebrated!

Dates to Remember
Online Registration: 15 August 2012
Submission deadline: 8 October 2012

100 Prizes to be won!
Disney  to sponsor play/edutainments centers to top 20 winning stories
Amar Chitra Katha to give away exciting gift hamper to the top 100 winners

The entries can be submitted by post or online.

Details available at DFC School Challenge Website

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  1. "I think this will create a change in the society in the long run ."


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