Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Technothlon is an annual international school championship for classes 9th to 12th conducted and organized by the students at IIT Guwahati. Registration is now open.

Technothlon Prelims

Technothlon's written preliminary examination will be conducted across the country on 15th July 2012 for participants in India. Based on the performance of the teams in this examination, the 50 top teams of each module (Junior and Hauts) will be short listed and invited to participate in Technothlon Mains to be held in IIT Guwahati.Technothlon is organised in 2 modules:
  1. JUNIOR SQUAD: comprising of class 9-10 students.
  2. HAUTS SQUAD: comprising of class 11-12 students.
Each team comprises of exactly 2 members. The members should be from the same school and same squad. Both the prelims and the mains event will be conducted for a team. Individual entries are not permitted. Class 9 and 10 of the academic session 2012-2013 will have to register under the Junior squad and the students of class 11 and 12 will have to register under the Hauts squad. The team has to consist of 2 members of the same school and same squad (a student of class 9 and another of class 10 may pair up as a Junior squad team. Similarly, a student of class 11 and another of class 12 may pair up as a Hauts squad team).


Registration fee is Rs 50 per team. Schools registering their teams can pay the collected amount via DD(in favour of "Techniche", payable at Guwahati), handed over to Technothlon's city representatives. Teams registering independently through Individual Team Registration form will have to pay the amount at the test centre on the day of the examination itself.
No fee for KVS/NVS/APS students.

Technothlon is an exam filled with intriguing questions that test your logical thinking and presence of mind. If you think your analytical abilities are sharp and your logic is clear, then just sit for the exam and you are sure to crack it! 
No question in the paper will require prior knowledge of facts, formulae, etc. All questions will be objective and subjective both and will demand basic common sense, logic and presence of mind.

Technopedia is an online module of Technothlon, where quizzes are posted monthly, various interesting topics and queries as well are discussed with the students at IIT by means of the forum and data on various technological advancements occurring across the globe is posted. It is an online version of Technothlon through which you will get the feel of Technothlon.

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For further information visit Technothlon Website



  1. This exam is held free of cost for Students of KV, JNVs and APSs.

    1. Thank you Alpana for pointing that out. There is no registration fee for KVS/NVS/APS students.


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