National Library Week India - Competitions for Indian Students


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Saturday, 12 November 2011

National Library Week India

KV Library is celebrating National Library Week from 14-20 November 2011. The following competitions and activities are organised for the students.

Book Title Challenge

A Book Title Challenge competition where the students will have to identify the book titles from the given puzzles. To participate click here...

My Favourite Book (Class IX-XII)

This competition will be conducted online on ThinkQuest. To participate, register on the ThinkQuest project page on "National Library Week" project. Create a page on your ThinkQuest account your favourite book. Include book reviews, character analysis, author information, other works by the author, pictures and make use of the tools available on ThinkQuest like vote, brainstorm, debate, message board etc.
The last date will be November 30, 2011. Visit ThinkQuest for details.

Book Cover Design Competition (Class VI-VIII)

Design a Cover for your favourite book or an imaginery book. The competition will be held on 17 November 2011. You may use crayons, paint, sketch pen or color pencils. Use only A4 size chart papers.

A Tale with A Twist (Class III-V)

Ever thought that the story you have read could have a better ending? Here is your chance to change it to your liking.
Use your imagination to rewrite a story you have read with an interesting twist in the story. You can select any story like the fairy tales, jataka tales, folk tales etc. Original title of the story should be provided.
Submit your entries on or before 17 November 2011 to the Librarian. The story should be written neatly on one side of A4 size paper with double spacing. Write your name and class

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