Thursday, 17 November 2011

Subject: Scenery, World Peace, Global Warming, Deforestation and its effects, Festivals, Chemistry in our daily life, School Activities/Celebrations, Population explosion, Scout Activities like Camp Fire etc, national Integration, Sports and Games or any other topic the child likes (topic is open)
Size: 1/4th or 1/2 fo the drawing sheet (11" x 14" or 14" x 22" size). other sizes will not be accepted
Medium: Any medium (water colours, crayon, oil pastels, poster colours etc) except pencil
Group A: Class I & II
Group B: Class III & IV
Group C: Class V & VI
Group D: Class VII & VIII
Group E: Class IX TO XII
Group F: Class VI TO XII (Oil/acrylic)
04 best exhibits will be selected in each group from the vidyalaya and sent for the exhibition
Top 20 painting in each group will be awarded Gold Medal and the next 50 with mertic certificates and remiaining will get participation certificates
20 sepcial prizes will be awarded exclusively for oil/acrylic painting from classes VI to XII
No Entry fee
The following particulars to be furnished at the back of the painting
a) Name b) class c) Group d) Title of the Painting e) Name fo the Drawing Teacher f) name of the KV and Region with full postal address and E-mail id of vidyalaya
For the details regarding vidyalaya level competiton for selection please contact librarins or CCA Coordinator


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