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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Toto Award for Music 2019: Call for Applications

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TOTO FUNDS THE ARTS (TFA) invites entries for its fifteenth TOTO Music Award for young musicians and bands. The winner, to be decided by an eminent panel, will receive a cash award of Rs 60,000.

Entries should be submitted by 20th August 2018 at the latest.

Contemporary original music from all parts of India, in any genre and language, is welcome.
In the past TFA has received entries in genres ranging from rock, jazz, hip-hop, heavy metal and electronic to instrumental and folk, being sung in English, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, and other Indian languages. Although it is never easy to compare diverse entries, our experience is that talent and potential have a way of standing out regardless. TFA tends to reward music that explores new territory in the Indian music scene in the hope that the recognition and the cash award can help sustain it. The jury comprise individuals with plenty of music experience as well as an open ear for new sounds.

Only Indian citizens resident in India are eligible for the award. (Overseas Citizen of India card-holders are not eligible.)

Age Restriction: Under 30
Since the spirit of the award is to identify and encourage young talent, applicant/s must be born on or after 1 January 1989.

Originality & Collaborations
All entries must be original compositions composed entirely by the applicant/s. All tracks must be released under the band or artist moniker. Applicant/s must own the rights to all submitted music.
Recording Quality
Professional grade studio recordings are not a requirement, but with recording gear so easily accessible these days,  a basic standard to be met. The recording process is an important one for musicians to hone their craft. 

Songs sung in any Indian language are welcome. However, if songs are sung in languages other than Hindi or English, applicants are encouraged to send in translated lyrics to help the jury reach a better verdict.

Labels & Artist Management
Artists working with labels or professional management are permitted to apply. However, given the spirit of the award, ask that all correspondence with TFA be conducted directly by the artist himself/herself instead of by the manager. Please apply only if you are ok with this.

How to Apply for the TOTO Music Award

The application process is fully online.

1. Go to:
2. You will see an Application Form for the 2019 TOTO Music Award.
3. Artist Details: Fill in all the fields as required so that  have your artist details.
4. Music: To submit 3 of your best tracks for review. You need to put them up on (this is a requirement!) and the application form will accept a link for each track. The artist name shown in the soundcloud track must be the same as that of the applicant.
5. Pictures: 3 print resolution pictures of the artist/band, if possible in performance
will need to be uploaded in the appropriate section of the form.

Your submission should be available on soundcloud until after the Awards Ceremony in January 2019.

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$1000 Scholarship Contest from Homework Lab

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Homework Lab is a student collaboration platform. Homework Lab is designed specifically to help students improve their academic results, plan their homework, and receive help from best tutors whenever they need it.
They are organising the first scholarship contest.
Scholarship amount:
The scholarship is renewable every 3 months period. Only one winner will be selected every time. And the award is …….

$1000 award for one winner
The scholarship is constantly ongoing, do not miss a chance to participate and win 🙂 Check our website regularly for updates. The award will be transferred to a winner’s PayPal account or to another suitable payment method.

Who can apply:
High School, college or university students from all over the world are welcome to apply. There are no gender, race or age limitations. Application is free for everyone.

Current essay contest:
To participate complete and send your essay based on the topic below.

” The jobs you will have one day may not even exist yet: what kinds of skills do you think you might need to succeed? “

Enter From:   Fri, June 1st – Mon, August 20th 2018

Scholarship is renewable every 3 months. Check updated scholarship competition rules from September 1st, 2018.

How it works:
In order to take a part in the scholarship competition you will need to follow 2 easy steps:

Send your essay to
Share Homework Lab Scholarship post on your Facebook page
One applicant can send only one essay within one scholarship period. Current participants can take a part in the future scholarship offers from Homework Lab as well.

Your entry should be authentic. In case of plagiarism detection applicant will be disqualified without any prior notice.

What you should include into your application:
Please, make sure to send  the following information in your email along with your application essay:

Full name
Country of residence
Study Program
Your email address
Link to your Facebook account
No information will be shared with third parties. Your data will be used to process your scholarship application by Homework Lab only.

How you should format your essay:
1. Your essay has to be written in English with 600-900 words. Please, make sure to stick to the word count. Too short or too long essays will not be considered.

2. The essay should be written on the given topic ONLY. No alterations to the topic should be made.

3. Your essay should be unique, no plagiarism is allowed.

4. Please, make sure to send your essay in the docx file. Essays submitted in other file formats will not be considered.

5. Please, make sure to name your file in the following way: Name_LastName.docx

6. You are welcome to show your creativity and include any pictures relevant to your ideas. Please, make sure to include their initial source.

7. Mind grammar and spelling. Please, proofread your essay before submission.

Website link
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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

MKG Scholarship for a girl chess player

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The MKG Scholarship for girl child is the first scholarship under the HelpChess initiative of the ChessBase India Foundation. This is an annual scholarship of Rs.50,000 that will be given to a deserving girl chess player under the age of 18 years. There are certain requirements which need to be fulfilled in order to be eligible for the scholarship. These are mentioned in the article. MK Govindraj always supported kids from poor background for their education. He passed away at the age of 54, but his daughter Anitha and son-in-law Jagadeesh carry on the tradition. So, what are you waiting for? If you fit the bill, fill the Google form to win the Scholarship of Rs.50,000.

The ChessBase India Foundation was launched on the 21st of June 2018.

Details of the Scholarship:
The amount of the scholarship will be Rs.50,000. The deserving girl who will be selected for the scholarship will get Rs.6000 in the first month and Rs.4000 on the first of every month for the remaining 11 months. This scholarship will begin from the 1st of August and the beneficiary's account will be credited on the first of every month with the scholarship amount.

Who can apply:
1. Any Indian girl below the age of 18 years

2. Should come from a weak financial background

3. Should have achieved something substantial in the last one year

All those who are interested in the scholarship must fill this form and submit before 25th of July

Click here to apply
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National Science Concours

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The National Science Concours or NSC is the first of its kind National Level Online Science Competition that was started by Pivotal in 2013. Since 2017, it has been part of the Not-for-Profit organisation, Foundation for Innovation and Experiential Learning.

NSC was based on the premise that experiential learning or learning by doing is the most effective form of learning, it was conceptualized to inspire and encourage the younger generation to learn and discover science and its practical usage. NSC is a not for profit endeavour and we aspire to provide a platform for all science enthusiasts from different backgrounds to experience and enjoy science in the outdoors. It caters to students of class VIth to class XIIth.

Level 1
The Online test for NSC will be made available from 1st Sep 2018 to 15th Nov 2018. You can give the test from any location, at any time. All you need to do is

Register at and then login using your username & password.
If you have taken the NSC test in previous years please use the same username/ password to login. In case you have forgotten your password you can reset it using the 'Forgot Password' link
You will need to complete your profile before you can enroll for Level I. There is a nominal fee of Rs 150 to enroll for this level. Click here for payment details.
To practice for the main test you can use the 'Mock Practice Test' link. This will give you a feel of how the actual test will look like.
To give the Actual test you need to press the 'Take Test' button. This will be visible to you after you enroll.
You can give the test only ONCE so make sure you are prepared for it.
The test can also be given on a Tablet or Phone using our Android application. The application can be downloaded from Google Play Store.
The test can be taken at any location at any time between 1st Sep 2018 and midnight of 15th Nov 2018.
Results of Level 1 will be announced on 25th Nov 2018. The results will be available online at An SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number.

About the Level 1 Test
40 Questions of MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) Type.
45 Minutes time to complete the test.
Negative Marking of 0.25 for every incorrect answer.
Every question is timed according to its difficulty level. You will automatically move to the next question after that time, even if you have not attempted it. You will NOT have an option to go back to any question.
There will be two clocks, one for the question time and one for the total test time.
You can choose to 'Finish' the test at any time within those 45 mins.
In the case of a power outage or a device shutdown, you will be able to resume the test from the last attempted question with the remaining time. Resumption of the test can only be done twice.
After you finish the test, your dashboard will display the message "Result Awaited" which means that your test has been submitted successfully.
Results will be announced on 25th Nov 2018.

Level 2
Welcome to Level 2 of NSC. Level one is a stepping stone to the world of experiential learning. Level II is where actual fun begins.

Level 2 is about creating a project of your choice and submitting it for the competition. This project can be on any of the topics which have been published on the NSC Site. You can also suggest your own topic, which needs to be approved by the panel. This project can either be a research based project which would be submitted as a presentation/document with videos (if required) OR a working model which again would require a video explaining it. You can also write a document as a report along with the video. We accept only files which are uploaded on the NSC Site, files sent by mail or CD/DVD will not be entertained. You can take support of your school science teachers or your parents.

Step A. Enroll for Level 2
Step B. Select the project from the list
Step C. Create the project
Step D. Submit the project
Step E. Wait for the result and merit list

This year's event will test, reward and benchmark the standards of success for students of Classes VI till XII. These classes will be divided into three categories

1. Class VI & VII   Pegasus
2. Class VIII & IX   Phoenix
3. Class X,XI & XII  Unicorn

NSC is a two stage competition. Level 1 is the Online Test and Level 2 is the project submission.

Stage I: Participate
Register Online
Students are required to register on our website. This registration is Free and very simple.

Enroll for Level I
After Registration Students are required to enroll for Level I. There is a fee of Rs 150, which can be paid Online or through cheque/draft or can be deposited directly in our Bank.
Take a Mock Practice Test
Practice before giving the actual test by giving this 20 question practice test.
Take Test
The Level 1 test can be taken at any time between the designated dates.

Stage II: Conceptualize
Based on the results of Level 1, We will publish a list of students who qualify for Level II.
Qualified students can participate in Level II by paying a nominal fee of Rs.250.
In Level II, the student will research a topic and prepare a Project.
The project can be submitted in any digital format. (Powerpoint/ Video/ Doc etc.)
The Project can ONLY be submitted through this portal. Emails submissions will not be accepted.
Based on the score Level 1 and Level 2, the top 180 students are selected as winners and will participate in Summer Science Camp completely free of cost.
There are two camps, one in South India and one in North India.
In the Camp, students will have a chance to experience science in a unique and practical way. Concepts and activities will be performed in using experiential techniques.

Enrollment for Level I
After registering yourself on, you need to enroll for the Online Test. Last date to enroll for the Online Test is November 15, 2018. There is a fee of Rs 150 to enroll for the Level I.

May 19, 2018 - Nov 15, 2018

Visit for details
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Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) 2018 - Apply Now

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The Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) is an on-going National Program of Fellowship in Basic Sciences, initiated and funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, to attract exceptionally highly motivated students for pursuing basic science courses and research career in science.

The objective of the program is to identify students with talent and aptitude for research; help them realize their academic potential; encourage them to take up research careers in Science, and ensure the growth of the best scientific minds for research and development in the country.

Selection of the students is made from those studying in XI standard to 1st year of any undergraduate Program in Basic Sciences namely B.Sc./B.S./B.Stat./B.Math./Int. M.Sc./M.S. in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology having aptitude for scientific research. Special groups / Committees are set up at IISc to screen the applications and conduct an aptitude test at various centres in the country. Based on the performance in the aptitude test, short-listed students are called for an interview which is the final stage of the selection procedure. For receiving a fellowship, both aptitude test and interview marks are considered.

Generous fellowships are provided up to the pre-Ph.D. level to the selected KVPY Fellows.


Monthly Fellowship

Annual Contingency Grant

SA/SX/SB  - during 1st to 3rd years of B.Sc./B.S./B.Stat./B.Math. / Integrated M.Sc. /M.S.Rs. 5000Rs. 20000
SA/SX/SB  - during  M. Sc. / 4th to 5th  years of Integrated M.Sc. /M.S./M.Math./M.Stat.Rs. 7000Rs. 28000

The KVPY Fellowships are given to Indian Nationals only to Study in India (Students intending to pursue/pursing under graduate program under Distance Education scheme/correspondence course of any university are not eligible to apply).

Students enrolled in an undergraduate course in Basic Sciences, that is, B.Sc./B.S./B.Stat./B.Math./Int. M.Sc./M.S. in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Ecology, Molecular Biology, Botany, Zoology, Physiology, Biotechnology, Neurosciences, Bioinformatics, Marine Biology, Geology, Human Biology, Genetics, Biomedical Sciences, Applied Physics, Geophysics, Materials Science or Environmental Science.

Stream SA: Students enrolled in XI Standard (Science Subjects) during the academic year 2017-18 and having secured a minimum of 75% (65% for SC/ST/PWD) marks in aggregate in MATHEMATICS and SCIENCE subjects in the X Standard Board examination. The fellowship of the students selected under this stream will be activated only if they join an undergraduate course in Basic Sciences (B.Sc./B.S./B.Stat./B.Math./Int. M.Sc./Int. M.S.) in the academic year 2019-20 after having secured a minimum of  60% (50%for SC/ST/PWD) marks in aggregate in Science subjects in the XII standard/(+2) Board Examination. During the interim period of one year they will be invited for the National  Science (Vijyoshi) Camp and their travel and other related expenses will be met by KVPY.

Stream SX: Students enrolled in XII Standard/ (+2) (Science subjects) during the academic year 2017–18 and aspiring to join undergraduate program in Basic Sciences namely Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics & Biology leading to  B.Sc./B.S./B.Stat./B.Math./Int. M.Sc./Int. M.S. for the session 2018–19 provided they have secured a minimum of 75% (65% for SC/ST/PWD) marks in aggregate in MATHEMATICS and SCIENCE subjects (Physics/Chemistry/Biology) in the X Standard Board Examination and a minimum of  60% (50% for SC/ST/PWD) marks in aggregate in MATHEMATICS and SCIENCE subjects (Physics/Chemistry/Biology) in the XII standard Board Examination.

Students in their 2nd year of study in Cambridge International Examination Board and aspiring to join an UG program (viz. B.Sc./B.S./B.Stat./B.Math./Int. M.Sc./Int. M.S.)in Basic Sciences namely Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology in the Academic year 2017-18 are eligible to apply provided they have secured a minimum of 75% (65% for SC/ST/PWD) marks in aggregate in MATHEMATICS and SCIENCE subjects (Physics/Chemistry/Biology) in the X Standard Board Examination. They must secure 60% (50% for SC/ST/PWD) marks in aggregate in MATHEMATICS and SCIENCE subjects (Physics/Chemistry/Biology) in the XII standard Board Examination before taking up the fellowship, if awarded.

Stream SB: Students enrolled in the 1st year of undergraduate program in Basic Sciences namely Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics & Biology leading to B.Sc./B.S./B.Stat./B.Math./Int. M.Sc./Int. M.S. during the academic year 2017–18 and having secured a minimum of 60% (50% for SC/ST/PWD) marks in aggregate in MATHEMATICS and SCIENCE subjects (Physics/Chemistry/Biology)  in the XII Standard Board Examination. In the 1st year final examination of B.Sc./B.S./B.Math./B.Stat./Int. M.Sc./Int. M.S. they must secure 60% (50% for SC/ST/PWD) marks before taking up the fellowship, if awarded.

Empowerment initiative in the KVPY Fellowship Program:

A certain number of additional fellowships exclusively for the students belonging to SC/ST community under the various streams as stated above will be operated.
A certain number of fellowships under various streams as stated above will be operated exclusively for students under the category of Persons With Disability (Physically and Visually Challenged).


Aptitude Test: After scrutiny of application forms and meeting the eligibility criteria for various streams, all eligible students will be called for  aptitude test conducted both in Hindi and English at different centers across the country on Sunday, the 4th November 2018. 

Admit Card
Students  may download the admit card for the aptitude test from the website from the second week of October 2018.

Interview: Based on the performance in the aptitude test, short-listed students will be asked to appear for an interview which is the final stage of the selection procedure.


Tentative  Dates :

Opening of online application portal : 11th July 2018
Last date for closing of online application : 31st  August 2018
Exam Date : 4th November 2018

Mock Computer Based Test of KVPY Aptitude Test - click below:

»Question Papers and Answers - Click here
»Question Papers - Click here
»Answer Keys - Click here

»Question Papers - Click here
»Answer Keys - Click here
»Question Papers - Click here
»Answer Keys - Click here
»Question Papers - Click here
»Answer Keys - Click here

»Question Papers (2011) - Click here
»Answer Keys (2011) - Click here
Question Papers (2010) - Click here
Answer Keys (2010) - Click here
»Stream SA (2009) - Download
»Stream SB (2009) - Download

Preparatory Materials

Click here to visit the website
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Typography Day 2019: Poster Design Competition

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‘Dance of Typography’

Design a poster to represent ‘The Dance of Typography’

You can use 
- The Language, Script and Typeface of your choice. You can make use of one letter, one word, many words or even a paragraph composed of words.
- Calligraphic or digitally created letterforms or existing fonts, or a combination of these can be used for the poster.

The resulting poster should be of the size and specification given below.
This competition is open to students, faculty and professionals. The competition is open to all - non resident Indians, as well as foreign citizens can take part in it.

Selection procedure for winners:
Twenty five winning entries will be published as a book and displayed in an exhibition during the event. The winners are entitled to free participation (workshop expenses and food) during the ‘Typography Seminar and Workshop’ on 1st, 2nd and 3rd of March 2018.
Each of the winning participants will receive 2 copies of the book and will also be given the 'Certificate of Winning the Poster Competition'.

For online Poster Submission click here

Submission Specifications:
You need to submit the solution along with a brief write-up of around 150 words.

Size of the final poster:420mm x 600mm only in portrait format
Resolution: 300 dpi
File type: JPEG or PDF
Color Mode: CMYK

Write-up + contact Info+Bio:
Format: in RTF, TXT or PDF format
Write up about the design: Maximum 150 words and should be written in English
Contact Info: Name, Postal Address, Email, Telephone number, Name and Address of Institution in English.
Your Bio-data/Personal Information: Maximum of 100 words and should be written in English.

Deadline for Submission: 30th September 2018
Declaration of Results: 31st October 2018

Each participant is allowed a maximum of three entries.
(please don't send same poster repeatedly)

Link to organiser's website

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Typography Day 2019 Logo Design Competition

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Design a logo for ‘Typography Day 2019’ so that it expresses the theme of the event - 'Experimental Typography'.
As the conference is being held in Mumbai,  include the context of Mumbai in the design of logo.

Calligraphic or digitally created letterforms or existing fonts, or a combination of these can be used for the logo. The logo should also include the words ‘Typography Day 2019’ or ‘Typo Day 2019’.
The resulting logo should be of the size and specification given below. This competition is open to students.

The competition is open to all - non resident Indians, as well as foreign citizens can take part in it.

Procedure for selecting student participants: 
One idea will be finalized from the submitted lot. The jury will have the right to select, reject or request modifications for the selected logo.
Submission Specifications:
You need to submit the solution along with a brief write-up of around 100 words written in English langauge.
Size of the final logo: 300mm x 100mm only in wide format
Resolution: 300 dpi
File type: JPEG or PDF
Color Mode: CMYK
Write-up + contact Info+Bio:
Format: in RTF, TXT or PDF format
Write up about the design: Maximum 100 words and should be written in English language.
Contact Info: Name, Postal Address, Email, Telephone number, Name and Address of Institution in English.

Your Bio-data/Personal Information: Maximum of 100 words and should be written in English.

Each participant is allowed a maximum of three entries.
(please don't send same logo repeatedly)

Deadline for submission:  31st July 2018
Declaration of results: 30th August 2018

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us:
mailing it to:
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Billboard Art Competition Art Moves 2018

21:16 0
Topic! Who governs our lives: we ourselves, other people or algorithms?

Artists are invited to prepare an artwork in response to this year’s competition theme Who governs our lives: we ourselves, other people or algorithms?

This competition slogan can be treated as a metaphor of all the processes taking place in the world today. The human world is a collection of individuals that form small groups, societies and the entire human community. What and who decides what we are like and what we do? We ourselves, by making everyday decisions and choosing our own paths of development? Other people, e.g. neighbours, family, politicians, and celebrities who impose their own opinions and preferences on us? Or maybe corporations that use soulless algorithms to follow our lives and invisibly gather any information about us, to tell us what to do, how to behave, what we should look like, who we should vote for, who we should like, and who we should not like? Is there any space for real individuals in the world that apparently praises any individualism, but at the same tries to average all the phenomena, including individual life, and subordinate them to statistics and algorithms? Is development, both individual and collective, possible at all in such a world? Are we doomed to stagnation and omnipresent control? Is life outside the box possible at all in such a world? Or maybe there is some way out? Maybe you know the answer? Who governs our lives: we ourselves or …?

There is no entry fee. The Competition is open and all artists interested in billboard art are invited to take part. The works should be submitted by the 22 July 2018, 0:00 CET via electronic mail to the address: artmoves(at)

10 most interesting works will be displayed on billboards in the city space during the Art Moves Festival in September / October 2018 in Torun, Poland. The author of the most interesting work will receive the Main Award in the amount of PLN 5.000 (about EUR 1 165, USD 1 370).

The format of the competition work should be 498 cm x 243 cm (196 inches x 95.7 inches) in a horizontal layout, 100 dpi, cmyk, tiff. In order to take part in the Competition, the artist has to send a
completed entry form and attach a preview of the submitted work in the following format: 30 cm x 14,6 cm (11,8 inches x 5,7 inches) in a horizontal layout, 72 dpi, jpg. Each jpg file should be named with the artist’s first and last name. If more works are submitted, use numbers 1 to 3 in addition to the first and last name e.g. adam_smith_1, adam_smith_2, adam_smith_3.

Visit the website ate:
Read More PCRA Poem/Song Contest

21:05 0
Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA), under the aegis of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Govt. of India, is committed to make oil conservation a National Movement. As a part of its mandate, Poem/Song Contest is being conducted.

The contest shall be conducted in Hindi only (in Devanagri script)

Save fuel for Better Environment and Health
बेहतर पर्यावरण और स्वास्थ्य के लिए तेल बचत

The contest will be conducted in the following three categories:
1. School students of affiliated boards recognized in India (students will have to upload copy of valid school ID along with the entry)
2. College/University Students (students will have to upload copy of valid college/university ID along with the entry)
3. Open - for general public

Prizes to be:
First prize (one in each category): Branded Tab or mobile handset (approximately Rs. 20,000/- each)
Second prize (one in each category): Rs. 10,000/- (gift voucher)
Third prize (one in each category): Rs. 5,000/- (gift voucher)
Five consolation prizes (in each category): Rs. 3,000/- (gift voucher)

The last date of submission is 15th August 2018.

Click here to read Terms and Conditions

For any contest-related query, write to:
Mr. Tara Chand
Director, EC
Phone - 011-26198809
Email -
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National Genius Search Foundation (NGSF) NGSE 2019

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National Genius Search Examination® - 2018
National Genius Search Examination® - 2019 (NGSE) is a scientifically devised assessment tool to locate genius among children. It is an innovative approach for accelerated learning, developed more than 13 years of rigorous research and adaptability tests. The NGSE leads to the prestigious National Genius Awards. There will be monetary benefits also with the National Genius Award for the upcoming registrations, those who have scored 100 percentile in NGSE Advanced.

The NGSE focuses on assessment for learning. It uses 'Own the Ownership of Learning Concept' (OOL Concept) to develop questions. These Questions brings in the required interest among students to take up the ownership of learning. This approach ensures maximum learning in optimal time with deeper understanding and conceptual clarity. The multi tasked Enhanced MCQs (EMCQs) of NGSE improves rapid decision making skills in daily life.

The NGSE offers two scores for regular test takers - National Percentile Score (NPS) for current year and National Benchmark Score (NBS), a derived cumulative score for three or more years.

Syllabus of NGSE 2019
For Class IV - X
The NGSE for Class IV to X are drawn from Mathematics and Science of the respective class. The NGSE also includes a few questions on General Knowledge related to scientific aspects.

For Class XI & XII
Students in Class XI & XII can choose any two subjects from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy.

The Syllabus of NGSE for each class or its equivalent grades can be downloaded from the downloads section of the website:
Key Dates
CLOSING DATE - ABROAD : For Test on Tue, 25th Sept, 2018
Thu, 31st May, 2018 
CLOSING DATE - ABROAD : For Test on Thu, 29th Nov, 2018
Wed, 10th Oct, 2018 
CLOSING DATE - INDIA : For Test on Tue, 25th Sept, 2018
Fri, 31st Aug, 2018 
CLOSING DATE - INDIA : For Test on Thu, 29th Nov, 2018
Wed, 10th Oct, 2018  
NGSE Mains Results
Sat, 26th Jan, 2019
Phase II: NGSE Advanced 2019
Sun, 24th Feb, 2019
Phase II: NGSE Advanced Results
Sun, 14th July, 2019

Fee per student in India
Fee per student Abroad
NGSE FEE to be collected from students
Rs. 500
Rs. 750
Portion of the Fee retained by Schools towards administrative expenses
Rs. 100
or Rs. 130*
Rs. 150
Balance Fee to be remitted by the school per student
Rs. 400
or Rs 370*
Rs. 600**
For further information visit
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14th All India KV child Art Exhibition-2018(Drawing & Painting Competition)

20:58 0
Kendriya Vidyalaya, ONGC Rajahmundry is organizing the 14th All India KV Child Art Exhibition-2018.

Eligibility: Students of Kendriya Vidyalayas

01. Scenery, Festivals, School Activities and celebrations like annual day, Teachers Day celebration etc., Swacch Bharat, Wild life, Global Warming, World Peace, National Integration, Sports & Games, Go green, Village fair, Save Nature etc. Or any other topic the child likes. (TOPIC IS OPEN)

02. Size: ¼ or ½ of the chart/drawing sheet (11”x14”or14”x22”inches size) other sizes not accepted.

03. Medium: Any Medium (Water Colours, Crayons, Oil pastels, Poster Colours etc.) except pencil.

04. Groups:
Group A- I & II classes
Group B: III & IV Classes
 Group C: V &VI Classes
Group D- VII &VIII classes
Group E- IX to XII Classes
Group F (Special Group) Oil Colours/Acrylic Colours- VI to XII Classes (Not Oil Pastels)

05. Each Vidyalaya may send 04 exhibits from Group A to Group E
But from Group F (Special Group) any number of paintings can be sent (Acrylic/Oil colours)


07. 150 Gold Plated Medals (Each Group 30 Medals from Group A to Group E) will be awarded
For the top 150 paintings and 50 Prizes will be given to next 50 paintings (10 for each Group)

08. 25 Special Prizes will be awarded for top paintings from Group F (Acrylic/Oil paintings).

09. 10 Mementoes to the Top Ten Drawing Teachers and their Vidyalayas for good performance show in this exhibition by their students will be awarded.

10. A panel of eminent artists will judge the entries and their decision is final & binding.

11. The Paintings must be original. They should not be mounted or framed.

12. The following particulars should be furnished at back of the painting
a) Name b) Class c) Title of the painting d) Name of the Drawing Teacher
e) Name of the Region & State f) Name and address of the KV with postal pin code

13. EACH PAINTING SHOULD BE CERTIFIED By the Drawing Teacher & Principal that it is AN ORIGINAL AND UNAIDED WORK OF THE STUDENT done in the KV and bears the school stamp, on the reverse side, failing which the painting will be summarily rejected and n correspondence will be entertained.

14. The Principal’s covering letter along with participants list must be enclosed with the following details:
Sl. No. , Name, class, Group, school Address, Region and state.

15. No painting will be returned. Though late entries are not considered, they will also not be returned.

16. For results and other details please visit our Vidyalaya website

17. Results and prizes will be sent to the vidyalaya along with a copy of Child Art Exhibition 2017 souvenir by post.

18. All the entries should reach us by 30th August 2018 to the Vidyalaya Address.

19. A Memento will be awarded to each of those 5 Regions from which Maximum Number of KVs participate

Details visit

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Monday, 16 July 2018

Camlin CAF Art Contest

22:45 0
Launched in 1998, Camel Art Foundation aims to celebrate and sustain the key role that art plays in the enrichment of our lives. This philanthropic wing of Kokuyo Camlin Limited, set up to promote and spread the language of art, has spearheaded a wide range of activities that include a wide range of promotion programs.

Rules for the Contest
1. The registration will be ONLINE ( link camel art foundation). Last date of entry is 31st December, 2018.
2. Participants must be 18 years and above to enter this contest & choose ANY ONE category - student or professional.
3. There are four mediums - Oil, Acrylic, Water and Drawing & Pastels. Entry is FREE and you may send unlimited entries in any I all mediums.
4. Each entry should be on separate online entry form. The submission must have high resolution digital image of entry Upeg format, minimum 300dpi
and not exceeding 3 MB).The digital image file name will be the title of painting.
5. The painting should not be retouched and NO OTHER DETAILS should appear on it.
6. Professionals must attach scanned copy of their PAN CARD.
7. Students must submit scanned copy of valid Identity Card of institute or letter from the artist from whom they are learning.
8. All entries sent for the contest must be bona fide works of the artists and executed after May 2017.
9. The submitted paintings should be prepared solely for the purpose of this contest and any painting that has been exhibited in any competitive
contest and I or exhibition shall be disqualified.
10. The actual size of painting should be above 30 x 30 centimeters WITHOUT FRAME.
11. Professional and Student National Winners will be declared after portfolio submission and telephonic I SKYPE interview.
12. The national prize will be a sponsored EuroArt Tour for 1·8 professional and student winners.
13. EuroArt Tour will be for 7- 10 days to any art centric location during May to July 2019
14. National Best Entry student winners will receive Camel product prizes worth MRP ' 21 ,000 each.
15. National Winners and Exhibits will be informed by email/ phone call during Feb-Mar 2019.
16. Trophy and certificate will be hand delivered I couriered to National Winners in 2019.
17. The entries selected in final judging will be exhibited ONLINE and offered for sale unless otherwise mentioned by the artist in the entry form.
18. The awards are not encashable or transferable.

For more Details Contact
West (Head Office): Customer Support I Mr. Vijayan Nambiar Tel: 02266557007 I Ms. Nirja Mehta Tel: 022 66557000, Ext. 257.
East: Ms. Susmita Mukharjee Tel: 033-22159322/22157164, Tel: 033-22159322/22157164
North: Ms. Sunita Gulati Tel: 011 - 25720327/25825227/25825229
South: Customer Support- 022 66557007 I Email:

Link to organiser's website
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