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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Google Science Fair: a global online competition for students

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The Google Science Fair is a global online science and engineering competition open to individuals and teams from ages 13 to 18. Submit a science or engineering project and win unbelievable prizes.

How to Participate

You should have a Google account to register for the competition

This competition is open to full-time and home-schooled students around the world, between ages of 13 and 18 (these ages are slightly different in a few countries like Israel, South Korea and Europe). See the Official Rules for more details.

Students can register on their own, or as teams of up to three. See the Official Rules for restrictions about eligibility, including some countries where students are prohibited by law to enter the competition

NO Registration Fee

There are two age groups: 13-15 and 16-18.

How to Enter the Competition:
To enter: Submit one (1) Entry either as an individual or as part of a group (“Team”) comprised of up to three (3) persons.

● If you don’t have one already, sign up for a Google Account: To register for a Google account, go
to and follow the instructions provided.
● Once you have a Google account, go to and register. You will be
asked to input your Google account, email address and password.
● You will then be taken to your Project Dashboard. Whenever you log in using your Google
account details at, you will arrive on the competition page
where you can enter and review your registration information, request parental or legal guardian
consent, create, edit and submit your final Entry

See the complete rules and regulations of Google Science Fair click here
Google Science Fair FAQ

Last Date: 12 December 2018


Grand Prize: The Grand Prize winner will be awarded $50,000 as scholarship funding. If the winner is a team, the scholarship amount will be divided among the members.
Finalist Prizes: There will be 20 global Finalist prizes which include:
  • A trip to Mountain View, CA, the USA  to participate in the finalist event in July 2019
  • A LEGO Education goodie bag
  • Virgin Galactic goodie bag
  • 12 Month subscription from Scientific American
  • 12 Month subscription from National Geographic

Google Science Fair Awards

Along with the prizes, the participants will also be given various awards as mentioned below
Scientific American Innovator Award (in the pure science category)
  • Scholarship: Funding of $15,000 offered to the winner by Scientific American.
  • One year of mentorship for developing the winner’s project and education
  • The winner, along with a parent or guardian, will also get a chance to take a Scientific American Cruise
Google Technologist Award (computer science and/or math category)
  • Scholarship: The winner will receive funding of $50,000 from Google
The National Geographic Explorer Award: (Natural Sciences category)
  • The winner will receive a year-long mentorship and $15,000 educational scholarship.
  • 18-day National Geographic Expedition to the Galapagos Archipelago, which is known as “Darwin’s living laboratory”, with a parent/guardian.
The LEGO Education Award: (Engineering category)
  • The winner will receive a year-long mentorship and $15,000 educational scholarship.
  • Visit the LEGO Group headquarters in Billund, Denmark with a parent/guardian to meet LEGO Education designers and employees.
The Virgin Galactic Pioneer Award (Space and Physics category)
  • The winner will receive a year-long mentorship and $15,000 educational scholarship.
  • A tour of Virgin Galactic facilities and meet the engineers of the Virgin Galactic.
The Inspiring Educator Award
  • Gift Card from LEGO Education: $5000 gift card for educational products.

Visit Google Science Fair website for details

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Reach Cambridge scholarship essay competition

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The Reach Cambridge scholarship essay competition is designed for academically excellent high school students aged between 15 and 17 who would otherwise not be able to attend our summer programs. Please note that this scholarship competition is not for application to the University of Cambridge.


Full scholarship: A fully-funded scholarship prize for one of our Spring or Summer Programs in 2019.

Partial scholarship: A partially funded scholarship prize for one of our Spring or Summer Programs in 2019.

The essay question for this year’s scholarship competition is:

“If you had a billion dollars to invest in your country, what would you invest in and why?”

How to Enter?
To enter the competition click here and submit your essay.

Terms & Conditions:

Applicants must be between the ages of 15 and 17 on 1st December 2018, and currently studying at high school.
The students must complete the essays independently – they must be original, non-plagiarised work.
The closing date for scholarship applications is 1st of December 2018 at 23:00 GMT. We will only consider full applications submitted by this date. A full application is one that includes an answer to the essay question and all other questions on the “Scholarship” tab, the letter of recommendation from your school, link to the video personal statement and also has all other sections completed on the account page.
Applicants from fee-paying schools will only be considered if their letter of recommendation confirms that they attend the school on a scholarship.
The prizes provide, without charge, all those items ordinarily covered by the program fee, including accommodation, all excursions, lectures, theatre trips, workshops and tuition, and half board meals.
These prizes do not include those items which are not ordinarily covered by the program fee: flights; transportation to/from Cambridge at the start and end of the program if travel is undertaken independently; third meal of the day (half board is provided); optional enhancements shown to have an extra fee (such as taster courses and add-ons); snacks, drinks and meals purchased away from the program; pocket money and souvenirs; books for credit courses and classes; laundry (aside from bed linen); travel insurance, medical insurance and any medical or dental fees.
It is not guaranteed that Reach Cambridge will offer scholarship prizes to any of the candidates. Reach Cambridge reserves the right to not award scholarship prizes.
Successful candidates may be offered a program that is different to their original preference. We will try wherever possible to match up your subject choice if we do need to offer a different program.
Shortlisted candidates will be notified by 31st December 2018.

For further information click here

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The ICSO is conducted in partnership with The Institute of Company Secretaries of India, a statutory body under an Act of Parliament, under the administrative control of The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi.

Registration of Students: The ICSO is open to the students of classes 11 & 12. Prospectus containing the Registration forms are sent to all schools registered with SOF. Schools not registered may also request for prospectus by sending an e-mail at phone call. Schools must return the registration forms to SOF, duly filled in and complete in all respects by the due date.

The International Company Secretaries Olympiad:

The test is organized in the respective schools of the participants during school hours.

(i) The Olympiad is a written objective-type test of 60 minutes duration comprising 50 objective-type (Multiple Choice) questions for class11 & class 12.

(ii) The question paper consists of five sections:

Section-1: Quantitative Analysis Reasoning
Section-2: Economics
Section-3: Business Studies
Section-4: Accountancy
Section-5: Achievers Section

(iii) There are separate question papers for each class.

(iv) The medium of the test is English.

(v) CBSE, ICSE/ISC and State Board syllabi are followed for setting the test papers.

(vi) The exam is conducted during school hours.

For the academic year 2018-19, SOF will spend over Rs. 15.2 Crores on awards, Scholarships, gifts & felicitations etc.
The following awards will be provided to the winners International Company Secretaries Olympiad being held during the academic year 2018-9
International, Zonal and Class topper awards will be provided to winners of ICSO.
Each winner will be entitled to one award for ICSO. The winners will be entitled to the higher level award only. For eg,. the international top 5 rank holders will be entitled to awards based on their International ranks. Awards accruing to them for Zonal ranks will be given to the next rank holder. Similarly, school award accruing to a Zonal award winner will be given to the next rank holder.

Rs.1,00,000/- Each + Gold Medal*+ Certificate of Outstanding Performance
Rs.75,000/- Each + Silver Medal*+ Certificate of Outstanding Performance
Rs.50,000/- Each + Bronze Medal*+ Certificate of Outstanding Performance
Rs.25,000/- Each + Certificate of Outstanding Performance
Rs.10,000/- Each + Certificate of Outstanding Performance
Rs.10,000/- Each + Gold Medal* + Certificate of Zonal Excellence.
Rs.5,000/- Each + Silver Medal* + Certificate of Zonal Excellence.
3rd to 10th
Gifts Worth Rs.1000/- Each + *Medal of Distinction + *Certificate of Distinction + **Certificate of Zonal Excellence
11th to 25th
**Certificate of Zonal Excellence + *Medal of Distinction + *Certificate of Distinction
Rank 26 +
Participation Certificate
Medals and certificates at school level


20TH DEC 2018 & 31ST JAN 2019

Click here for further information

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Vigyan Prasar (VP) 9th National Science Film Festival and Competition

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9 th National Science Film Festival of India 27-31 January 2019, Chandigarh, India

Vigyan Prasar (VP), an autonomous organisation under the Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India and National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India take pride to announce 9th National Science Film Festival & Competition 2019.
National Science Film Festival & Competition aims to:
 Foster, strengthen and create scientific temper through popular science films.
Recognize the initiative and output of science film makers on the specific aspects of science, technology, environment, health and related issues.
Encourage science film making
 Gives opportunity to: 
Appreciate film based science communication;
Film makers / communicators to showcase their work;
Interact with science film makers / communicators, scientists and others to gain insights on science communication.

 Categories of Films
Documentary, animation, short fiction films on science, technology, innovations, energy, environment, medicine, biographies and emerging sciences are invited from film makers / institutions / students under the following categories:
Category A 
Films sponsored by government and non-government institutions / organisations : upto 60 minutes
Category B
Films made by independent film makers / production houses upto 60 minutes
Category C
Films made by college students upto 15 minutes
Category D
Films made by school students (class 6th to 12th) upto 10 minutes
 Category E

Films from other countries (only for screening) upto 60 minutes
Category F
 On the spot short film (film to be made on-spot) upto 5 minutes

1. General conditions and guidelines for applicants in categories A to D.
a. Films produced ONLY between  1st November 2017 and 31st October 2018  will be entertained.
b. Films submitted in earlier NSFFs will not be accepted.
c. There is no entry fee.
d. Applicant (director / producer) can submit maximum two entries in suitable category. Separate entry form is required for each entry.
e. Films produced in languages other than English must be sub-titled in English.
f. Captions and credits must be clear, legible and must be within the safe areas.
g. Theme for the category E will be announced during the festival.
h. Organiser/s
 will have right to screen the awarded / nominated films as and when required for academic and noncommercial screening or travelling versions of the festival;
 will not be responsible for any damage to DVD / pen-drive submitted by the participants;
 reserve the right to reject any entry if found ineligible;
 can change the category of the film without any explanation if the film is not found suitable for the
category indicated by the applicant.
i. DVD/pen-drive of films submitted for the festival / competition will be retained by the organisers.
j. Producers & Directors of awarded films under the category A & B will have to resubmit copy of the film in Blu Ray / hard disk / pen drive.
k. It is essential to fill all the columns in the entry form, failing which the entry is liable to be rejected.
l. The award money of all the Beaver Awards will be distributed equally between the producer (copy right
holder) and the director. Trophies will be awarded director and certificates to both, the producer and
m. The film should not violate the copyright / intellectual property law. In case such a violation is reported
at a later date the awardee/s will
 be liable for criminal offence.
 have to return the cash prize, trophy and certificate.
 be barred in future from participating in the NSFF competition.
2. How to participate
i. Please read carefully terms & condition of the festival before filling the form.
ii. Fill one entry form for each film.
iii. It is mandatory to send hard copy of completely filled form with the following enclosures to Vigyan
Prasar, Noida (by post/courier/by hand):
a. Pen drive/DVD containing :
 Copy of the film in mp4 format.
 Synopsis of the film in 200 – 250 words (in MS Word doc.file)
 Script of the film (in MS Word doc.file)
 Five still photographs of the film (jpeg format)
 One photograph of the director (jpeg format)
b. Hard Copy of the synopsis of the film in English
c. Certificate from the Principal/Director/HOD (Only for Category C & D )
3. Selection for the festival
a. A Screening Committee will recommend the films for the festival and Jury will select the films for
awards. The decisions of Jury will be final.
b. Shortlisted films for screening in festival will be announced during December 2018.
c. A five-day science film screening and workshop on science films will be organized during the
National Science Film Festival of India 2019  Sunday, 27th January to Thursday, 31st January 2019 at Chandigarh.
d. Two representatives from the crew of each shortlisted film (national categories) and one representative
from non-shortlisted film will be invited to attend the festival. AC III return train fare by the shortest
route, lodging and food will be provided.
e. One representative from the crew of each shortlisted film of International category will be invited to attend the festival. Lodging and food will be provided by the festival organisers.
f. If award is shared by 2 or more persons / organisations, the amount will be equally divided.
g. Organisers reserve the right to modify the rules and conditions including number and amount of
4. Last date for receipt of entries
All online entries should reach Wednesday, 31st October 2018.
Hard copies (separate entry form for each film) should reach by 5 pm on or before 5th November 2018 along with enclosures by hand/speed post/ courier on the following address:
NSFFI 2019
Science Film Festival Division
Vigyan Prasar,
A-50 Institutional Area
Sector-62, NOIDA, UP 201 309

Last Date for submission of entries: 30th November 2017
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SPEAK FOR INDIA - Debate Contest

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Speak for India is an initiative by Federal Bank in association with The Times of India Group to encourage young, dynamic and enthusiastic minds across the nation to raise their voice on pertinent issues and play the role of change maker in society. We cannot rule out the possibility that somewhere in the nation there may be a young prodigy, aspiring to be a great orator. The event offers college students a podium to explore their awareness, insights and perspective on contemporary topics.

The contest registration is open NOW to all college students who are currently studying in any of the colleges in the state of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu or Maharashtra (Other states to follow soon)

Speak for India - Karnataka edition is a journey to find the most vibrant, confident and persuasive debater from the state of Karnataka. The Karnataka Edition would be held in 2 languages – English & Kannada. Phases of evaluation would include district, zonal, semi-final and the final round. The contest will be conducted at common venues. Students can participate by registering online. At the initial level, they will speak in their respective district centre or at the designated centres.

The prize would be awarded to the orator selected by the judging panel based on style, clarity and conviction of thought and lucidity of articulation.

Speak for India - Maharashtra edition is a journey to find the most vibrant, confident and persuasive debater from the state of Maharashtra.The Maharashtra Edition would be held in three languages - English, Marathi and Hindi.Phases of evaluation would include district,zonal, semi-final and the final round. The contest will be conducted at common venues.Students can participate by registering online.At the initial level, they will speak in their respective district centre or at the designated centres.

The prize would be awarded to the orator selected by the judging panel based on style, clarity and conviction of thought and lucidity of articulation.

The competition is open for all college students who are currently studying in any of the colleges in the state of Karnataka or Maharashtra or Tamil Nadu for the respective editions

All registrations will take place through our website, To register log on to: Please pay attention to register before deadlines, There is no fee to take part in the competition. It is totally free.
Registration closes Two days prior to each district level competition.
Karnataka and Tamil Nadu registration is open now

For details and registration Click here
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Wingword Poetry Competition

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Wingword Poetry Prize 2018 is created to provide a platform to upcoming poets like you. It is an online competition that annually awards its winners with hefty prize money. Yes, poetry is not just a hobby, it is a recipe for success.

The first prize winner receives a sum of 1 Lakh Rupees and gets their very own poetry book published by us. Second prize is 50,000 Rupees and third prize is 25,000 Rupees. Top 30 positions are awarded 10,000 Rupees Each. We also publish a Poetry Anthology that has compiles poems of top 200 ranks.

In 2018, the competition aims to fulfil dreams and aspirations of budding poets from around India. We appreciate diversity and accept all styles and themes of poetry. We believe every poem is unique and you are the master of that beautiful creation.

Submit your poems to the competition today!

1st Prize: ₹ 1,00,000 and Book Publishing Deal

2nd Prize: ₹ 50,000

3rd Prize: ₹ 25,000

Top 30 Posititons: ₹ 10,000

Top 200 Winners will be published in 'All Winners' Poetry Book. 

Poem must be in English or Hindi.

The competition is open to Indian nationals.

You must be 14 years and above.

Poem must be original work of the participant.

Any length and style of poetry is accepted.

Previously published poems are allowed.

Entry fee is INR 500 for one poem and INR 1000 for three poems.

Beginners are encouraged to participate.

Copyright of the poem remains with the author.

Win exciting prizes and national recognition in Wingword Poetry Competition 2018!

1. First, you have to pay the entry fee online. The participation fee is ₹500 for one poem and ₹1000 for three poems. If you want to submit one poem, click 'Submit One Poem'. If you want to submit three poems, click 'Submit Three Poems'.

2.  After you have paid the entry fee, check your e-mail id for participation form where you can easily paste your poems.

Click here for further information and registration

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Each Institution or a group of students should send minimum of 50 entries however there is no limit to maximum entries. Below 50 entries will be rejected for the Competition. Individual participants, not from any institute or group, have to send a minimum of 5 entries.

Group A - Upto 1st standard (Age upto 6 Years)
Group B - 2nd to 4th standard (Age 6 + to 9Years)
Group C - 5th to 8th standard (Age 9+ to 13 Years)
Group D - 9th to 12th standard (Age up to13+ to 18 Years)
Group E - 18 Years and above (Only for Individuals within India)


1) Entries can be of any subject or theme. Entries must be made by the student himself. The works aided by some other persons, can be rejected at any stage.
2) Art work can be made in any medium, like Water Colors, Pastels, Pencils, Acrylic, Crayons or Paper Cuttings, Oil paints, Charcoal , Colour pencil, etc. on any type of Paper or Canvas sheet.
3) Parcel of entries should be packed properly.
4) Every entry should have on its back:- (USE ONLY CAPITAL LETTERS) Failure of which would lead to rejection of the entry. Kindly Do not Write on the painting . Stick a Label
Participant's Name E-mail id (optional) Category
Teacher's Name Age & Standard School Name & City

Results & Exhibition of award winning entries will be displayed on the website latest by 15th November 2018

DRAWING - Any theme like Scenary, Festivals, Market, Animals, Abstract,Still life, Village Scene, God and Goddess etc.
CARTOON - Dragon BallZ, Disney characters, Tom & Jerry etc.
GREETING - Festivals, Occasions, Best Wishes, Birthday, New Year etc.
CANVAS PAINTING - Any Theme on Canvas Board / Sheet / Stretched Canvas Board
(Drawing/ Cartoon/ Greeting/ Canvas Painting)
Size of Drawing / Cartoon / Greeting should not be more then 17 inch x 14 inch
Size of Canvas Painting - Any Size


Special Prizes - Cash prize of Rs 1000/- + Medal (for Best 3 Art Work)
1st Prizes - Gift worth Rs 700/- + Medal (30 prizes)
2nd Prizes - Gift worth Rs 500/- + Medal (50 prizes)
3rd Prizes - Gift worth Rs 300/- + Medal ( 150 prizes)
500 Consolation Prizes
Each participant will get a Certificate of appreciation from STAR CREATIVE ART
STAR AWARD will be given to every Institute sending more than 150 entries.
BRIGHT STAR AWARD will be given to institute sending more than 250 entries
STAR EXCELLENCE AWARD will be given to an Institute with highest number of Total Entries.
Number of 1st, 2nd and 3rd & Consolation Prizes may increase depending upon the number of enteries. The prizes will be sent by regd. post/courier latest by 15 Febuary 2019


For Schools & Institution (within India) Rs. 100per entry
For Schools & Institution (Outside India) US$ 3 per entry
One participant can give any number of entries to the school.

Last Date: 15th November 2018

For further information and entry form click here
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NASA Space Camp

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Space Camp
Space Camp is a realistic and interactive astronaut training experience that exposes Students to math, science, engineering, and technology concepts in a safe, stimulating and encouraging environment
Program Type: NASA Space Camp,
• Location: NASA, United States of America
• Length: 15 Days. Starting August Last week (exact date will be Informed accordingly)

"Gateway to Cosmic Planets on the basis of individual effort and ability"
Step 1 : Choose the Topic Related to Space for writing Essay or making Project .
Step 2 : Send by E.mail ( Student Name, School Name and Address, Class in which he or She is Studying and Subject / Topic for Essay / Project )
Step 3 : If any Changes is there in Subject / Topic then same will be Suggested to You and you also get the Registration Form
Step 4 : Prepare your Submission for Essay / Project
Step 5 : Submit Essay / Project along With Registration Form
Step 6 : SELECTION PROCEDURE (COMMON FOR ALL) : 1) Written Test 2) Interview
Note:- Candidate Scoring above 60 percent in the written exam is considered as Passed.
Step 7 : Departure from India on 27 August, (27 August - 10 September 2018)

NASA Space Camp
Eligibility: Junior Batch - Student from Class 6 to Class 12 are eligible.
Eligibility: Senior Batch - Student studying a bachelor degree in Engineering or B.Sc with physic as a subject with a relevant subject.

Pattern of Test: Based on Submitted Essay/Project, Regarding Model paper E.mail the organisers.
Exam Test Centres: Kolkata. Bhubaneswar. Guwahati, Chennai, Hyderabad. Bangalore, Mumbai,
Ahmedabad, Indore.
Interview Centre : Kolkata. New Delhi , Hyderabad. Mumbai.

The programme is organised by the Shakti Chariot Foundation and Eastern Guilds for Training & Study. For details contact the organisers at the address given below.

G. Secretary Mr Achytu- •91 7003253978
Shakti Chariot Foundation
Eas tern Guilds f or Training & Study
The Legacy, level- 1, 25- A, Shakespeare Sarani,
Kolkoto, 700017, Call :, 033 44000 540
Hotline~ : 0 8981684757 , easternguilds@gmail .com/ info@egts .org,
Click here for prospectus
camp@shaktichariot .in
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Urban Water Challenge 2018

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A School Level Hackathon for the School Students in Bengaluru to come up with Innovative and Unique solutions to the growing crisis of Water Scarcity in the City. This competition is in collaboration with a Bengaluru based Organization Why Waste that work towards water conservation

The city of Bengaluru is undergoing an unprecedented shortage of water. A 2016 study by researchers in IISc reveals, that the city has lost nearly 79% water bodies due to rampant concretisation and industrialisation. The situation could worsen to an acute crisis in 2023 if cautious and immediate measures are not taken immediately. Realising the gravity of this situation, The Optimist Citizen and Why Waste has come together to conduct a city-wide Hackathon for the School Students in Bengaluru to come up with Innovative and Unique solutions to the growing crisis of Water Scarcity in the City that can be “realistically implemented within their school campus”.

First Prize: INR 5000; Internship at Why Waste; TOC yearly subscription
Second Prize: INR 3000; Internship at Why Waste; TOC yearly subscription
Third Prize: INR 2000; Internship at Why Waste; TOC yearly subscription

Entry Fee: INR 200


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Painting Competition on Energy Conservation 2018

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The Ministry of Power in association with Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is undertaking the National Awareness Campaign 2018 to inculcate in children the habit of energy conservation and to sensitize them towards the issues of energy conservation. One of the main activities of the campaign is a Painting Competition for school students.

The competition is being held in three stages namely, School, State and National Levels.

Eligibility: Students of 4th, 5th and 6th standard under Group ‘A’ and students of 7th, 8th and 9th standard under Group ‘B’ are eligible to participate in the competition.

1. The schools are requested to organize a Painting Competition of 2 hours duration in the school for students of 4th, 5th and 6th standard under Group ‘A’ and for students of 7th, 8th and 9th standard under Group ‘B’ on any working day.
Students can select any one of the following topics for the Painting Competition:

Topics for Group ‘A’
  •  Energy is Life, Conserve it
  •  Saving Energy, a bright Idea
  •  Saving Energy for sustainable life
Topics for Group ‘B’
 Save Energy for others
 Conserve Energy, Save Nation
 Wind, Water, Sun, Energy for Long run

School Level Painting Competition
 School Principals are requested to organize painting competition of the 2 hours duration for 4th, 5th & 6th standard students under Group ‘A’ and for 7th, 8th & 9th standard students under Group ‘B’.
 Students can use any size of paper but preferably A4 size and painting material such as pencil, colour pencils, crayons & water colours. Students can select any one of the above mentioned themes marked for their Group for painting.
 School principals will select 2 best paintings from each Group ‘A & ‘B’ and send them along with the information on number of students participated in each Group at School Level Painting Competition to the Nodal Officer of the State/UT whose address is given below so as to reach him by 26th October, 2018 positively.
 All participants will be issued certificate of participation.

State Level Painting Competition
 50 (plus 5 reserves) best paintings each for Categories ‘A’ & ‘B’ will be selected by a Committee of Experts/Jury.
 Selected students from categories ‘A’ & ‘B’ will be called for two hours on-the spot Painting Competition to be held on 14th November, 2018.
 Each participating student from Categories ‘A’ & ‘B’ will be paid 2000/- in cash and a participation certificate.
 To & fro Sleeper class / AC Chair Car / 3rd AC rail-fare or State Roadways bus fare for the participating student and two guardians for Group ‘A’ but only one guardian for Group ‘B’ will be reimbursed.

National Level Painting Competition
 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners of State Level Painting Competition of the Group ‘A’ and ‘B’ from each State/UT will be invited to Delhi to participate in “National Level Painting Competition” to be held on 12th December, 2018.
 Boarding & Lodging, to & fro sleeper class / AC Chair Car / 3rd AC rail-fare or State Roadways bus fare by the shortest route for 108 participants and two guardians of Group ‘A’ and 108 participants of Group ‘B’ along with one guardian will be reimbursed. In addition, each participating student will be paid a sum of 2000/- as incidentals and given a participation certificate.
 National Level winners of both Groups ‘A’ & ‘B’ will be awarded cash prizes by the Chief Guest on the “National Energy Conservation Day Function” to be held in Delhi on 14th December, 2018.


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The PepsiCo Change The Game Challenge

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Solve this year’s business challenge for a chance to win a trip to New York, a job offer with pioneering PepsiCo teams and a $ 100,000 grant to bring your idea to life for PepsiCo.

What is Change The Game?
Change The Game (CTG) is a 5 stage challenge open to individuals with undergraduate and/or post graduate backgrounds, and working professionals with up to 2 years’ experience, who are keen to make their mark globally.

The main objective of the challenge is to address real issues & spot the brightest spark of talent, and make their ideas come to life.

Do you have what it takes to team you up with PepsiCo on solving this year's sustainability challenge?

You need to focus your idea around one of the two following scenarios:

1- Coming up with an idea using a new low cost technology that would allow the collection, recycling & the profitable commercialization of plastic waste in emerging markets without the use of child labor or create a hazard to humans.

2- Creating a business model to develop products in our food and beverage categories that are scalable, financially viable and minimize or eliminate plastic packaging.

Who can enter?
Competition is open to innovators, creators and entrepreneurial thinkers from any of the following countries

Middle East & North Africa Region
Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates

India Region

Asia Pacific Region
Korea ( Nationals & Residents)

Indian nationals who are
i. Between the ages of 18 (eighteen) and 30 (thirty) years as on 10 October, 2018 and
ii. Students pursuing graduation and post-graduation from any university (could be any year); or
iii. Participants who have just obtained their graduate or post graduate degree(s) from any
university; or
iv. Having up to 3 (three) years of work experience from the date of obtaining the last bachelor or

master degree.


Finalists will have an opportunity to present their proposals to PepsiCo Region and Sector leadership team.

The top 2 winning teams will receive a grant of $100,000 to bring their ideas to life for PepsiCo, and will be offered a job (or internship) at PepsiCo in their country/region
But that’s not all....

All shortlisted candidates will benefit from a detailed assessment for their leadership profile highlighting their strengths and opportunities, will attend and/or have access to the content of the capability building sessions, and will get free access for online courses to help them with their continued development

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NCFE-NFLAT - National Financial Literacy Assessment Test (NCFE-NFLAT) 2018-19

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Financial literacy is an important life skill for the holistic development of each student. NCFE's National Financial Literacy Assessment Test (NCFE-NFLAT) is a step in that direction. This is a first of its kind national level test, conducted by the National Centre for Financial Education (NCFE), to measure the level of financial literacy among school students. Through this test, NCFE aims to encourage the school students to obtain basic financial skills which are essential for their full participation in society and life time of well being.
NCFE-NFLAT was launched in the year 2013-14 by the NCFE which is setup as part of NISM, with support from all financial sector regulators i.e. RBI, SEBI, IRDAI & PFRDA for implementation of the National Strategy for Financial Education (NSFE).

Eligibility:  Class VI to X

Student registration through School only

Approach for NFLAT 2018-19
For 2018-19 the NFLAT shall be conducted for students from 6th to 12th Standard.
a. NFLAT Jr. : This test will be conducted for students of 6th to 8th Standard
b. NFLAT: This test will be conducted for students of 9th and 10th Standard
c. NFLAT Sr.: This test will be conducted for students of 11th and 12th Standard

Registration process
NFLAT 2018-19 is open till 31st March 2019.

Direct registration by the students is not allowed. For participating in the test, the student must approach his/her school.

Currently, registration is available only for those schools who want to conduct the Online Test (computer based) in their premises.

The registration and enrollment process involves the following 4 steps:

1. School Registration: In the first step the school needs to register itself for NFLAT 2018-19. Once the registration is complete, the school will receive a ‘User ID’ and ‘Password’.

2. Student Registration: in the second step, using the ‘User ID’ and ‘Password’ received, the school needs to upload the details of students interested to participate in the test. This completes the registration process.

3. Student Enrollment: After completing the registration process, schools are required to enroll their students by selecting a ‘Date and Time’ of their choice from the available list on the page. Accordingly, each enrolled student will receive a specific ‘User ID’ and ‘Password’.

4. Take the Test: Once a student has been enrolled for a particular ‘Date and Time’, the school must ensure that he/she appears for the test using the given ‘User ID’ and ‘Password’.

Study Materials
Students can refer the following study materials to prepare for the test.
NFLAT Sr. (Class 11th and 12th) students can refer the following additional study materials also to prepare for the test.
The above materials are for reference only. Students are advised to prepare for the test based on the topics mentioned in the detailed NFLAT syllabus.

Rewards and Recognition
To encourage students for obtaining basic financial skills, each participating student is awarded a certificate, based on their performance.

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